Reading Festival – Day 2

Hola everyone.

And helloooo again and welcome to the festival show. It’s time to talk about the second day of one of the best weekends of my life. My weekend at the Reading festival in England (day 1 – here).


Soooo, the day started with a short shopping trip with my mum, as there was a mall close to our hotel. But as you know, music matters the most so we quickly decided to get to the festival area and start our second day of pure awesomeness. Also because the surprise act had just gotten announced – You Me At Six. And hello, of course you have to see the surprise act, which we did, luckily. Although it were just a few minutes, I’m glad that we got to hear them. And yes, they were amazing.


After that we had a little time because the next band on our list was going on stage in an hour or so. So we walked around and then sat down next to the tent stage and listened to Sigma. And also we watched the people there – you wouldn’t believe how crazy the people dress there, it’s so weird and cool at the same time. And funny, of course. After getting some dance beats, we walked over to the Introducing Stage and listened to a really really awesome band called High Tyde. They actually are from Brighton and have that typical english indie pop rock sound, which I loooooove. So yeah, I really enjoyed this one.


Following that we walked back to the tent and waited for the amazing Jack Garratt to come on stage. I already knew him before the festival and oh my, I didn’t know that he would be THAT good. Like, he plays guitar, keys, djs and sings, all at the same time. How crazy is that? I was so impressed. And besides that, I loved how you could see how he enjoyed the show, I think that’s the little piece that perfects a concert. Seeing that the act enjoys it too and really loves to be on stage.


Then it was already time to head to the main stage to watch Imagine Dragons. Who doesn’t know them and their songs. In my country, they are a typical radio band, but holy moly, I was nearly shocked how much I enjoyed their set. I never thought that I’d enjoy their music THAT much. But for real, they are breathtaking live. And their lead singer Dan is just too cool. And he looked so nice and he was nice, actually. Telling us how much he loves to be here. And yes, I cried. It was just so emotional and I was so overwhelmed by the music and the people and the fact that I was for real watching an amazing band at a festival I had prayed to attend for like half a year. It was just too much. I love my mum so much for flying to this festival with me. Seriously.


Oh and then mums highlight got on stage, the headliner of this day, Red Hot Chili Peppers. That’s a band mum connects to her youth, so it meant really much for her. I only stayed for 20 minutes, because I wanted to see Two Door Cinema Club, but my mum told me that they were amazing and I’m really really happy for her.


The last band we saw that day were, as already mentioned, Two Door Cinema Club. I ran to the stage to get a great spot, which I luckily did, and I couldn’t wait to see them. Some of you may know why, but I’ll tell you anyway. They are the band everything started with.  They were my first real concert, my first band shirt and the start of my taste in music, which I love, for real. So yeah, it REALLY meant a lot to see them again after three long years. As you can probably all guess by now they were breathtaking. I loved every single second of it and never wanted them to stop. And again, I just had to cry. Another perfect end of another perfect day.


So yeah, this was day 2 of my perfect weekend at Reading festival. Stay tuned for day 3 tomorrow. I really hope that you enjoyed this post and, as always, thanks for reading. x


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