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Hola everyone. I hope you’re all doing good. Holy moly, I have so much to tell you, I don’t even know where to start. So, I think I’ll just start with the most exciting part – the fact that Avengers Infinity War is finally out and that I already saw it the day it came … More News News News

Make no sound

Hola everyone. And welcome back to the horror show – the part of this blog where I introduce you to my newest horror movie favorites. And today is going to be about the fantastic masterpiece  called “A Quiet Place” – definitely one of the most gripping and thrilling movies I’ve ever seen in my entire … More Make no sound

I have no words

Hola everyone. Beware, the title is no understatement. I really have no words. I’m speechless because of the new Infinity War trailer that came out today. I’ve watched it a few times now and I still can’t fully process it. I would have never thought that a movie would once get me this hyped up. … More I have no words

Journalism matters

Hola everyone. As you all know, it is my dream to become a journalist, preferably a music journalist. I love writing, researching stuff, getting to know more people because of my work or a new article. And this dream is also a reason why I love movies about journalism. But let’s start at the beginning. … More Journalism matters

He’s coming

Hola everyone. I know. Where the hell have I been? Honestly, I can’t even tell. I don’t really know why I just didn’t post anything the past week, somehow I just never found the right amount of time for it. I’m really sorry guys. But now I’m back and holy moly, I have so much … More He’s coming

You’ll float too

Hola everyone. The horror movie fans among you probably already know which movie I’m talking about right now. Exactly. IT. Basically the most talked about horror movie of this year. And as the big horror movie fan I am, I just had to watch it myself. And I can tell you, it was like nothing … More You’ll float too


Hola everyone. You know, Netflix is actually a pretty cool thing. Yes, I did say before that I’m not the biggest fan of it, but it’s true that it has some big advantages. You can watch tv shows and movies that you could never watch anywhere else (except for that illegal stuff, but we won’t … More Sherlock