Reading festival – Day 1

Hola everyone.

3 days. 22 bands. And probably one of the best weekends in my life. Yes, I’m talking about the coolest festival of this year – Reading festival.


I don’t even know where to begin, it was such a cool and huge weekend and I just loved every single second of it, for real. This is why I thought to split the three days, I hope you like it (so, days 2 tomorrow).


The first day was kind of a rush at the beginning because mum and I got there directly from Brighton, which meant that we had to get up at like 7 am (I was close to falling asleep standing). But after we got into the hotel in Reading and to the festival area, everything was just perfect. The first band we saw was Nothing But Thieves and I can tell you, I was going crazy. I love the band so much and they were so amazing live and Conor, the lead singer, was sooooooo freaking damn cute, oh my god. He told us how important this days was for him and it felt so special.


Afterwards we watched Mura Masa, visited Russell Howard, probably one of the funniest people on earth, then The Internet, a new upcoming band called Paris Youth Foundation and and then the evening was already coming up. It started with The Neighbourhood, a band I’ve known for years now and had always wanted to see live. And I have to say, they were amazing. After that we had a little rush back to our hotel because it was getting cold and mum wanted to change into something warmer. Unfortunately this costed us some time and caused us to be late for Twenty One Pilots, too late to get some space in the tent. That’s why we had to watch them over the big screen.


Oh and I have to say something about the show. Tyler had a lil accident while playing the last song and surfing the crowd to get to his platform and the internet literally went crazy after that. I read all the comments at home but let me tell you, it really wasn’t that bad. The security should have looked after him but it wasn’t the crowds fault. And saying that they will never come to the UK again because of that is just ridiculous. So, nothing bad happened clique and yes, they slayed. And I loved every single second of it. That show reminded me again why I’m so in love with this band.


After screaming out 21P lyrics, mum and I went over to the main stage to watch Foals, a band none of us had ever seen live before, so I was pretty excited. And I have to say, they were really cool. Sometimes they had some kind of scream parts, which I’m not that kind of fan of, but besides that it was amazing.


And after Foals had rocked the main stage, we quickly went over to Jack Ü to dance to some beats. Luckily they played the one song with Justin Bieber, the one song I wanted to hear live so it was really cool. And I was so happy. And after that we had a quick listen of Oliver Heldens.


And that was it. Day 1 was officially over. And I walked home with the biggest grin ever. And a huuuuge amount of excitement for the next two upcoming days. Oh and speaking of that, as already mentioned, I decided to split one post into three for the three days, so it doesn’t get too long. So, stay tuned for tomorrow for day 2 and more crazy festival tales. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post and, as always, thanks for reading. x


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