A new chapter

Hola everyone. It’s me, Laura. And no, I’ve not fallen into a big black hole I couldn’t get out of. Yes, I do still exist. What a miracle. Ha. Ha. Okay, but seriously, I’m back, for real. I’m sorry it took me so long, but if you’ve been following me for the past months or … More A new chapter


Hola everyone. Can you believe that it’s already a new week again? I can’t. The move to Brighton is getting closer and closer and next Saturday seems to be approaching much faster than I had anticipated. More and more people keep asking me how I’m feeling, whether I’m a bit scared or nervous. But honestly, … More Budapest

New Music Friday

Hola everyone. And welcome back to another edition of New Music Friday. A late night version this time, because, well, where I’m right now it’s pretty late already. But let’s be honest, there’s always time for some good new music, especially on a blog like this one, right? So, without further ado, let’s get right … More New Music Friday

The Band with the K

Hola everyone. And welcome back to this new week. I hope you’re all doing great and that so far your Monday hasn’t been all too bad. On my behalf, I’ve got so much to tell you guys that I don’t even know where to start. And everything’s so exciting and I’m so glad that I … More The Band with the K

Dreamy Nights

Hola everyone. Today you’re finally going to hear all about two of the most special nights of my entire life – the two evenings/nights I got to see the one and only Edward Christopher Sheeran, my Ed, live. And yes, they were quite something and no, I’ll never forget them, ever. . So, first of … More Dreamy Nights


Hola everyone. Just to warn you, the next two days are going to be one of the most exciting days of the year for me and I won’t be able to talk about anything else for the next few posts. Why, you’re asking? Well, because Ed freaking Sheeran is in the city and will be … More Ed

High On Life

Hola everyone. I’m so sorry for the short delay of this post. I just started my actual third job yesterday and it was pretty exciting and pretty cool and also pretty time-consuming, so unfortunately I didn’t get to write anything, but here I am again. And holy moly, I’ve got something prepared for you guys. … More High On Life