So it begins

Hola everyone. Just a quick update from my side. Sooo, today was actually the first day of uni or actually, it was the day of the enrollment. That means, from now on I am officially a BIMM Student (yes, that excited shriek you just heard in the background was me). . No, but seriously, I … More So it begins

A new chapter

Hola everyone. It’s me, Laura. And no, I’ve not fallen into a big black hole I couldn’t get out of. Yes, I do still exist. What a miracle. Ha. Ha. Okay, but seriously, I’m back, for real. I’m sorry it took me so long, but if you’ve been following me for the past months or … More A new chapter

Hungarian nights

Hola everyone. How are you guys? I hope you’re all doing good. On my behalf, I’m getting quite nervous with every day that’s passing, as it means that the move to Brighton is getting closer, day by day. But like I said, I’m mostly really excited for everything that’s coming up. I sometimes just wish … More Hungarian nights


Hola everyone. Can you believe that it’s already a new week again? I can’t. The move to Brighton is getting closer and closer and next Saturday seems to be approaching much faster than I had anticipated. More and more people keep asking me how I’m feeling, whether I’m a bit scared or nervous. But honestly, … More Budapest

New Music Friday

Hola everyone. And welcome back to another edition of New Music Friday. A late night version this time, because, well, where I’m right now it’s pretty late already. But let’s be honest, there’s always time for some good new music, especially on a blog like this one, right? So, without further ado, let’s get right … More New Music Friday

The Band with the K

Hola everyone. And welcome back to this new week. I hope you’re all doing great and that so far your Monday hasn’t been all too bad. On my behalf, I’ve got so much to tell you guys that I don’t even know where to start. And everything’s so exciting and I’m so glad that I … More The Band with the K

Dreamy Nights

Hola everyone. Today you’re finally going to hear all about two of the most special nights of my entire life – the two evenings/nights I got to see the one and only Edward Christopher Sheeran, my Ed, live. And yes, they were quite something and no, I’ll never forget them, ever. . So, first of … More Dreamy Nights


Hola everyone. Just to warn you, the next two days are going to be one of the most exciting days of the year for me and I won’t be able to talk about anything else for the next few posts. Why, you’re asking? Well, because Ed freaking Sheeran is in the city and will be … More Ed