My music list

Hola everyone.

As you probably know from my “get to know me” post, I’m highly in love with music. Like, I seriously can’t live without it, I just can’t. I’m even listening to some good old Panic! at the disco right now. I’d say, that proves my point.

And as I made a list of my favourite movies, I thought about doing the same for my favourite bands, singers and so on. So, here you go. My favourite musicians.

    • Fall Out Boy (you really miss A LOT, if you don’t listen to them)
    • Two Door Cinema Club (my first real concert and the reason for my concert addiction)
    • Conor Maynard (my bae… you’ll hear more about him. A LOT more)
    • Saint Raymond (if you don’t know him, what are you waiting for?)
    • Justin Bieber (everyone likes him, don’t even start denying that)
    • One Direction (they’re amazing, they just are)
    • Troye Sivan (the youtuber with the fascinating music)
    • Twenty One Pilots (I just love everything they do… can’t wait to see them live next month)
    • Ed Sheeran (don’t even know what to tell you… his voice is pure heaven and he has more talent than I could ever imagine. His concert is still something I think back to every single day)
    • 5 Seconds of Summer (because who doesn’t want four crazy Aussies in their life?)
    • Martin Garrix (probably the cutest DJ out there. His snapchat is EVERYTHING)
    • The Vamps (one of the reasons why I always say that English guys are the BEST)
    • OneRepublic (the band I have always loved and always will)
    • The 1975 (the little sprinkle of weirdness and alternative music I need in my life)
    • Avicii (his concerts are seriously the best and biggest party ever)
    • Taylor Swift (seriously the only female singer I listen to)
    • Kraftklub (a German rock band I saw at the Sziget festival last year and totally fell in love with)

Okay, I think that’s it. And that’s just such a small percentage of all the artists and bands I listen to, but those are my ultimate favourites.

If any of you share the same taste in music as me or want to know something more about some bands or artists, I’d be happy to talk to you and share my love for music. Thanks for reading. x

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