Paris Haul

Hola everyone. I know, it took quite a while to get here, but here it is, finally. My big shopping haul from Paris, as promised. Please enjoy. . You know, I love fashion. And going shopping. I know, what a typical girly thing. Blah blah blah. But seriously, it really is a lot of fun. … More Paris Haul

UK haul

Hola everyone. I love going shopping. And I love the UK. So I thought in connection to my last post (link) about my trip to the UK I’d present you guys all the things I brought home with me – books, clothes and other stuff. Please enjoy. . Books First and most important, books. I … More UK haul

What is happening?

Hola everyone. Soooo, first of all. Did you notice the change of the design? I know it’s not that much, just the colors and the fond but I really really like it. I think it’s simple and refreshing. Also, I love the colorful streets of Copenhagen, as you can see in the header. Oh and … More What is happening?

Huge haul

Hola everyone. The day has finally come. I know I promised to post this already weeks ago but somehow I never got the time to finally do it, but know I did. Hallelujah. . So as you know I was in England for a week with my mum in August – Brighton and Reading – … More Huge haul