What is happening?

Hola everyone. Soooo, first of all. Did you notice the change of the design? I know it’s not that much, just the colors and the fond but I really really like it. I think it’s simple and refreshing. Also, I love the colorful streets of Copenhagen, as you can see in the header. Oh and … More What is happening?

Huge haul

Hola everyone. The day has finally come. I know I promised to post this already weeks ago but somehow I never got the time to finally do it, but know I did. Hallelujah. . So as you know I was in England for a week with my mum in August – Brighton and Reading – … More Huge haul

Let’s go shopping

Hola everyone. Today we’re going to be talking about something that everybody likes (at least I hope so). That’s right, we’re talking about shopping. Good old shopping for clothing and other stuff, that we mostly don’t need but just have to buy it, because look at it. So, let’s go. . Forever 21 I literally … More Let’s go shopping

The body story

Hola everyone. Todays post will get a little bit long, excuse me for that, because I want to talk about something really important, which are the two topics health and body image over all, mostly body positivity. Two weeks ago I watched a video of the YouTuber Arden Rose about her body acceptance journey, in … More The body story