Me and fashion

Hola everyone.

So, a few days ago I watched a documentary about the recent fashion industry with all the fashion blogger involved and all the changes happening, like fast fashion. And it was reallyyyyy interesting.


I mean, I love fashion, but to be honest, that was different when I was younger. It all started when I got in touch with the social media, especially tumblr. It changed my life and the way I looked at and thought about fashion. So yeah, this post is about the relationship I have with fashion.


I think the first time I thought it would be cool to work in the fashion industry and for a fashion magazine was when I got to see “The Devil Wears Prada” for the first time. I loved everything about it. The fashion, the outfits, the story, the characters and the way it gives the world an insight of this fascinating industry. I immediately sympathized with Andy and the fact that she wants to be a journalist. The only difference between us is that she didn’t have the goal to work for a fashion magazine and I do completely now.


For me, fashion couldn’t be more fascinating. I love the way you can show who you are or who you want to be by wearing certain clothes and putting together certain outfits. When I was younger I never cared about my looks. I mean, I looked at outfits of others and didn’t want to look like I just stepped out of bed, but I didn’t really care. But now I do. Not in the “oh my god, I need to wear 4 layers of makeup and someone tell me where the next mirror is NOW” way, but I still check if my outfit works. As I already said, I think the social media brought me and fashion together. I started looking up outfits on tumblr and twitter, checked my favourite stores and slowly built up my own personal style, which I’m really proud of now.


Also, you have to know, and I think I already talked about this in some other post, that I live in the middle of nowhere where nearly everyone is wearing the same styles of clothes because all the new styles get here reallyyyyy late. So we just wear the same, the clothes we see all the other people wearing and the ones we feel safe in. And that’s something that gets really boring after some time and started bothering me the more I got into this whole fashion world. I didn’t want to look like everyone else in my school, so I just stopped that and bought the clothes I dreamed about while being on holiday in fashion metropolis like New York or London. And I wore them with pride. And slowly but surely I noticed that people started looking at me.


True story – I was the first girl in my school to wear jeans that are ripped up at the knees. And I even ripped them up myself, because I saw people on the internet wearing jeans like that and also some guys of my favourite bands. So I just cut them up myself and went to school and you know what happened to that little trend. There were two reactions:

The first one was like “Hey ummmm, your jeans are ripped and destroyed, you may want to throw them away and buy new ones”. This one ended up with me telling them desperately that the jeans are meant to look that way.

The second one was “Hey Laura, cool jeans. Where did you get them from and did you rip them up yourself?”. This much better reaction led me to telling them that I did it all myself and grinning proudly at them and then turning around and hearing them whisper “I want jeans like her” quietly, not knowing that I could hear them.


It made me sooo happy to be some kind of trendsetter. And I was proud, like, seriously proud. And I liked the attention. Because I have always been the quiet girl you would never really notice in a crowd. But through my outfits and my style I can show my personality, which isn’t quiet at all, which you notice quite fast if you get to know me better.


Personally, I would say that I have some kind of rock-chic, band tshirt, ripped jeans, backpack and Doc Martens kind of style. At least when it’s cold outside. And when it’s warm, I turn into this festival-like butterfly wearing dresses, crop tops and skirts. And I love both phases and all the small ones inbetween.


Today, I love going shopping, at least in big cities and on holidays because I can be sure that I will always find something extraordinary. And to be honest, I think at the moment like 80 % of my whole wardrobe are from different countries. And the funny thing is that I always know where every single piece of clothing is from. Like for example, right now I’m wearing Converse sneakers from New York, next to me is my backpack from Madrid and so on. Everyday my outfit feels like a small trip around the world and I couldn’t be happier about it and more in love with fashion.


You may ask why I’m not a fashion blogger like thousand of other people out there if I’m so in love with fashion. I think it’s because I still wear cheap clothes and nothing that could be called designer ware. And most fashion bloggers show off their amazing designer pieces and I could never be able to afford that. I mean, my favourite store is Forever 21, so that should describe what I mean. But I’m more than happy with this blog and it has brought so much happiness into my life, so I’m not keen on changing anything.


Anyway, that’s my little story of fashion and me. I’m hoping to spend most of my years as an adult working with and for fashion, hopefully at a fashion magazine and I can tell you, I will do anything to turn this dream into reality. And until then, I’ll work on this dream and plan and enjoy the world of fashion as much as I can.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if any of you want to talk to me about fashion or anything else, I’m here. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x

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