Reading festival – Day 3

Hola everyone.

And welcome back. Today is the day I’ll be talking about the last and probably most exciting day of the super amazing and perfect Reading festival. And about the end of one of the best weekends ever. So, let’s go.


The third and last day started with another again little shopping trip. After leaving our money in Readings best stores, mum and I got ready for our last day at the festival. And I can tell you, I was soooooo damn excited. Because today would be the day I’d finally see Fall Out Boy after waiting for that moment for years. I couldn’t believe it and actually can’t until now. It’s just too crazy.


The first band we went to was Clean Cut Kid. A cool indie band I had known from my Spotify playlists. So I really wanted to listen to them live. I thought they were pretty cool, but unfortunately my mum didn’t enjoy them as much as me. Right after they ended their set, we ran over to the main stage to try and get a great spot for Fall Out Boy, of course. This was, unfortunately, really really hard. We got there pretty early but it was so packed already. Although there was one band scheduled even before FOB, there were so many people there already waiting for them. Like us, they just got there to have a good spot. Mum and I were quite close to the front of the second barrier, but I wanted – needed – to get a spot right at the barrier. Those are just the best spots, because you’re not pressed into a group of people and there’s nobody in front of you who can block your view. So this was really really important to me. When the next band, The Vaccines, got on stage we were in the second row, but with a huuuuge woman in front of us, so we couldn’t see much, especially my mum. I even asked her to swap places with me and do you know what, she plainly said no. I thought she was joking. She was there alone, had the best spot ever and didn’t even stand there to see FOB. She just said that she didn’t want to be in the middle because of moshpits or so. ONE FREAKING METER IS NOT IN THE MIDDLE. WHAT THE HELL.


I was soooo freaking mad. And so close to giving up. It was just all too much. The Vaccines were playing one bad song after another, mainly because the lead singer was for sure drunk or high or both, I had this super tall woman right in front of me and people were pushing me from behind. That was really rough. And then we had to wait another 30 minutes for FOB to come on stage and then I realized something. I would be seeing FOB in a few minutes. I had waited for this moment for years. And NOBODY and NOTHING would ruin this moment for me. So I let all the worries slip off me and got so damn excited.


And then it happened. Freaking Fall Out Boy got on stage and started playing. And then the best thing ever happened. There was a family right in front of us with a small girl who was a total fan, so when they got on stage, one girl of the family and my friend, the tall woman, held her on her shoulders. To do that, they had to get closer together which just caused enough space for me right at the barrier to slip in. I was finally in the front row. Exactly when they music started.


And then I just had one of the best one and a half hours of my life. I cried immediately when I saw them and heard them. And I think I’ve never cried this much at a concert. I was so overwhelmed. I for real had to calm myself down to not start bawling right there. I was so happy, oh my god. And they were so damn perfect, holy moly. Patrick, their lead singer, sounded like an angel, even better than on their albums – and I thought that this wasn’t even possible. And Pete said so many nice things, totally inspiring. And how they loved to be here. And I can tell you, I loved it too. I wanted them to go on forever and never ever stop.


I remember looking back at my mum, tears streaming down my cheeks and having the biggest smile on my face. And her reaction. I could see how happy she was for me. And I can’t even describe how much I love her for doing that and attending this festival with me.


After FOB, screaming out lyric like never before, crying like crazy and loving every second of my life, mum and I got back to another stage to get a glimpse of The Wombats and to get a good spot for The 1975. Which we luckily did. Oh and The Wombats were freaking amazing. Their music is really special, it gets you in a good mood after seconds. And I really love that. Like I said, The 1975 rocked the stage afterwards. Like some of you will probably know, I already saw them this year, but hey, you can never go to enough concerts and see them too many times. And yes, they freaking slayed again. Matty is just such an awesome singer and special person. And I loved the whole atmosphere. Everyone was just so happy, screaming out lyrics with an amazing band playing for them. I loooooved it. And after that, mum and I got some fish and chips and then went home.


And I couldn’t have been any happier. I had just seen so many of my favorite bands in a matter of three days, which is breathtaking, actually. I can’t even tell you how happy I still am that I got to experience this together with my mum. A perfect holiday, a perfect weekend, a perfect festival. And the happiest I could ever be. This is one of those things I’ll tell my children – which I will hopefully have – when I’m older. And hopefully I’ll be able to go to festivals and concert with them, like my mum and I. So I can make them as happy as I am right now.


So yeah, there you go. This was the last of a perfect weekend. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. If any of you want to chat, I’m here. Fell free to talk to me, I’d be happy to hear from you and talk about Fall Out Boy, maybe. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x



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