The 1975

Hola everyone.

Soooooo, it finally happened. I finally saw The 1975 again after 3 years and seriously, I couldn’t be happier. Really. I don’t even know what to say or where to start. I’m just sooo happy, I still have a bright smile on my lips and my voice still hasn’t recovered completely. That shows how amazing it was.


Anyway, I think it would be best to start with the history I share with this extremely special band. Three years ago I went to my first real concert, the Two Door Cinema Club concert I already told you about. The funny thing is that I didn’t know much about music at that point, my knowledge began and ended with Justin Bieber. So I had no idea who the support acts of TDCC were. And guess what? It was The 1975. And even better, when I first heard their music, I didn’t like it all. Like for real. I thought that the second support act, Dog Is Dead, was better. And when the concert was over, the two bands got in the main area so that people could talk to them. And being the crazy girl not knowing anything in music, I just walked past Matty and went over to the other band to talk to them. How crazy is that? I mean, I could have taken a picture with the whole band, talked to Matty and whatelse. But nope, not with me.


Actually, I laugh about it now. The band I didn’t like three years ago is now one of my most favourite bands and the singer who I thought was REALLY weird because he was half naked and smoked on stage is now one of those guys I tell other people about that they have the most amazing voices ever. It’s just crazy. So crazy and unbelieveable.


Soooo, the concert. It was uuuuunbelieveable, really. First of all I need to say that I’ve never seen someone who is like Matty, seriously. He literally LIVES the music and his band. And he smokes and drinks wine out of a glass while singing, how crazy is that? And he acts like a model on the runway, doing one pose after another, with that typical model expression on his face. Besides that his voice is extraordinary amazing. I really love his voice. And they are all so good live, it’s breathtaking.


Thank god my friend Hannah and me got there early, especially Hannah who waited outside for over an hour. Now we had amazing places really close to the stage. The crowd went crazy when they finally got on stage and the beat of Love Me started playing. I felt like I was in heaven. But the most amazing moment was when I heard the music of Robbers and got goosebumps everywhere. I nearly started crying while screaming the lyrics of this song. And of course the last moment when they played Sex and everyone was going completely crazy and was screaming out the lyrics. It felt like we were in another world, our small world full of happiness, far too hot weather and amazing music. And oh my god, their stage was sooooooo beautiful. It was pure aesthetics. The colors and the lightening and everything, it was so amazing. Hannah and me were starstruck.


Overall I’m soooooo damn happy that I went to their concert and it couldn’t have been any better, really. I loved every single moment of it. And I can’t wait to see them again in summer when my mum and me will hopefully fly to England to go to Reading festival.


If any of you visited one of their concerts or love the band as much as me, I’d be happy to talk to you and exchange memories and fangirl moments. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x



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