Hola everyone. I know, most of you won’t probably be surprised by what I’ll be saying right now. You guys know me. So, actually it’s late at night and I just got home from a concert. And looking at the title you all know which concert I’m talking about – Coldplayyyy. I just saw Coldplay … More COLDPLAY

Rock In Vienna

Hola everyone. Another day, another festival – am I right? As I told you on Friday, Saturday was a special day for me as my mum and me got to attend a festival – Rock In Vienna – and go to see Kings Of Leon live again. And holy moly, it was amazing. . First … More Rock In Vienna

Eurovision 2017

Hola everyone. Today I’d like to talk about something typically European. Something not everyone in this world knows about. And one of the biggest music shows in the world with 42 countries taking part – Eurovision. Or as I would call it now – why Bulgaria should have won. . The Eurovision Song Contest is … More Eurovision 2017

New Music Friday

Hola everyone. Isn’t music amazing? And isn’t it even more amazing when all the bands you love bring out more and more new music and you just can’t get enough of it? God, I love when that happens. And when I have the honor to present you the best of the new songs. Let’s go. … More New Music Friday

They are back

Hola everyone. I guess some of you will already know what and especially who I’m talking about. My babes from Fall Out Boy have finally come back with new music after nearly two years and I can tell you, I’m living for it. It’s quite funny that I just wrote about them a week ago, … More They are back

Folie à deux

Hola everyone. First of all happy easter holidays everybody. I hope you’re all having amazing days off and could spent some wonderful time with your loved ones. I did, thankfully. . But this post won’t be dedicated to a bunny laying chocolate eggs in our gardens, but to a fantastic band I’ve already talked about … More Folie à deux

San Cisco

Hola everyone. You know, when spring has finally arrived and the sun is shining and we can leave the scarves at home, it’s time for a little change in music too. . And today I’d like to introduce you to a band I’ve now been a fan of for years. And it looks like they … More San Cisco

Eds concert

Hola everyone. I know you’ve been waiting for this. And honestly, I have too. But I’m literally speechless, I don’t even know where to begin. And if I really start, I think I’ll never stop talking about the most amazing weekend I had and the angel that is Edward Christopher Sheeran. But I guess I’ll … More Eds concert


Hola everyone. Just to let you know, from now on, the 3rd of March is official Ed Sheeran Day for me. And I guess you all probably know why and what I’m talking about. Of course, his new album Divide. . What a masterpiece, am I right? I guess the most of you have already … More Divide