My horror show

Hola everyone.

I know, I don’t need to talk about my obsession with movies anymore, but I just need to mention that there’s one special genre that I’m in love with. One which people wouldn’t probably think that I like and love when they see or get to know me. And I’m not talking about Marvel or action thriller… noooooo… I’m talking about horror. Pure, thrilling, horrifying, super scary horror. Especially the psychological, demonic ones. I’m totally obsessed with those.


So, in order to celebrate my love and obsession for good horror movies, whereas I try to watch every good one out there, I thought why not make a list of my favorite movies for those of you who are as much in love with horror as I am. Enjoy.


  • The Conjuring (my number one and scariest movie I have ever watched; seriously, I never wanted to leave the cinema that badly and I can’t wait for the second part in a few months)
  • The Woman In Black (Daniel Radcliffe is amazing and I’ve never been so horrified at the end of a movie; although it’s scary as hell it’s a total must)
  • The Strangers (I watched it at the beginning of my horror movie obsession and I was scared for my life, I couldn’t even look out of the window)
  • The Insidious series (seriously one of the best horror series out there, a total must and personally I think the first and the third part were the best ones)
  • The Sinister series (what should I even tell you? It’s scary as hell and I just wanted to hide in my sweater through the whole two movies; every horror fan should still watch it though)
  • The Cabin In The Woods (a really different horror movie and I love it; the elevator part is my favorite although I was a little bit sick afterwards; oh and not to forget it’s the only movie where just the title appearing at the beginning made me jump)
  • The Purge series (for me, one of the most creative and innovative but also slightly crazy horror concepts out there; I often think what would happen when there was for real a day where all kinds of crime would be legal… personally, I don’t even want to know; anyway, an must for horror fans and exciting for me, as there’s another part coming up)
  • Deliver Us From Devil (another exorcist movie with a thrilling story and a dark atmosphere and I really loved watching that one)
  • Crimson Peak (another pretty different horror movie with a kind of magical love story in the middle of a scary house and ghosts wandering around; another total must from my point of view)
  • Gallows (I remember sitting in the cinema with my friend completely alone and watching most if the movie through my fingers in front of my face, so yeah; still awesome though and a total adrenaline boost)
  • Nightmare On Elm Street (one of the first horror movies I watched and loved it from the first second on, especially the huge plot at the end)
  • The Ward (I totally love horror movies which have a complex story and a plot and this one is the perfect example for such movies; although it’s super scary, I can only recommend it and I just watched it again two days ago)
  • Oculus (while watching that movie, neither me or my parents exactly knew what was going on, this movie literally plays with your mind, but that’s probably what makes this movie that good)
  • The Hills Have Eyes (usually I don’t watch movies that are bloody and just plainly gross, but I remember my parents watching it and telling me to go and do something else because this wasn’t a movie for me and a few years later I watched it myself and was kind of fascinated, don’t ask why; it’s an amazing horror movie but still brutal and gross as hell)
  • From Hell (one of my all time favorites, as the story is completely thrilling and Johnny Depp is in it, so it can’t be anything other than amazing)


Okaaay, I think that’s it… and yeah I know, it’s long, but I think that shows how many horror movies I watch (is that even healthy anymore? no idea…). Another thing I just noticed – horror movies have the best posters ever, they all look so cool. Never realized that. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my list and if any of you are as obsessed with horror as me and want to talk, I’m here. And as always, thanks for reading. x

4 thoughts on “My horror show”

  1. Ciao, first of all it’s a nice selection of horror movies.

    Seriously the most terrifyding movie EVER is the woman in black. For sure, I’ll never never never ever watch it again…
    The cabin in the woods was the most funniest horror movie ever (if it’s possible to call it this way).
    A Nightmare on Elm Street was my first horror movie too. Actually, I wasn’t as scared as I thought. Although it’s a nice (and horrible) one.

    BTW, I wanted to ask you, if you’d like to watch the purge part 3 with me?
    Just ask me 🙂
    xo maria

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    1. Hey hey.
      Thaaanks. And thanks for your post. 😄

      Yeah, I know. I was scared for my life. And the ending just made it all even worse.

      It totally is funny. And weird. And crazy. The most epic moment was probably the scene when the unicorn starts killing people. 😂

      I think part of the movie was so scary for me, because I was a “lil” kid. The plot is still amazing though.

      Oooh yes, totally. 😁😍 have you seen the trailer? xo


      1. I think that nearly every scene in ‘cabin in the woods’ is epic. I mean, the movie is epic 💁🏻😹
        Just the idea of the plot that someone observes/controls over a cabin and bets which horror role is next to come. It’s kind of unrealistic but maybe that’s the reason why it’s interesting

        Yeah i saw it. I’m looking forward. But unfortunately I haven’t seen the first part yet 😒


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      2. Yeah, that’s true. 😜
        I think that this movie really stands out from all the other typical horror movies. It’s really innovative and original.

        Oh that – thank god – doesn’t matter that much. Because the only guy that is “old” in The Purge movies is the main character from the second part. The first one is like a complete story on itself and besides the topic there’s no character connection to the other ones. 😊 But I think I have the first part on my memory card so we could watch it. But I’m not sure. xo


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