Hola everyone.

As you probably know from my birthday post my parents and me were in Milan for the past days and god, it was amazing. Seriously.


First of all you need to know that I’m completely obsessed with fashion. I love reading fashion and lifestyle magazines, look for the newest trends on the internet and always check out my favorite shops for some new styles. And Milan is THE fashion metropolis of Italy. And also one of the most important fashion metropolis of the world and that’s something you notice the moment you step out of the door, for real. I’ve never been to a city where both men and women are that well dressed and care that much about their looks, never. It’s crazy. I was both shocked and completely in love from the first second on.


There are hundreds of fashion shops around every corner, so there’s really never a way to get away from fashion. The kiosks are full of fashion magazines and have “VOGUE” printed on their tops and let’s not forget that the book shops have an extra department just for fashion. I felt like I just stepped into my dream fashion land.


Oh and onto that, my birthday was amazing too. We went shopping, spent some time in a beautiful park in the sun, I had my first ice-cream of this year and of course we had an amazing Italian dinner (Italian food is the best, seriously). It was really a dream day. And  I’m pretty sure my parents enjoyed it as much as I did.


And of course I took pictures. A lot, to be exact. So, here you go, enjoy. And as ways, thanks for reading and I any of you want to talk, I’m here. x


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