Hola everyone.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous day. And I hope that this post will make it even better, because guys, you’ve got a storm coming, oh wow. To be honest, I actually had something different planned for today. I wanted to tell you all about my week at Nova Rock, the festival I worked at, but that plan changed pretty quickly, as something even better happened. Guys, guess who’s back again after a hiatus of one year…

The one and only TWENTY ØNE PILØTS.


I seriously cannot believe it guys. This is like the biggest thing ever. And the funny part is, when I watched the video for their new song “Jumpsuit” for the very first time and heard Tyler’s voice and then saw him, I legitimately teared up a bit, because I suddenly noticed how much I had really missed them during their hiatus.


Maybe some of you have already noticed that my two boys are back, maybe some of you even followed the cryptic signs they sent out during the past days and also during the past months. I can just tell you, the songs don’t just sound more than amazing, no, they have such a deep meaning and complex story hiding in them, I actually had to read like so many websites and postings to fully understand what they are all about. And as I was so happy to finally get some good information, I thought I’d just do the same and present those two fantastic songs to you guys. Please enjoy.



As already mentioned, this song probably works as their new single – which I’m just guessing, as it’s the song that actually got paired with a video. First of all, I have to say that this song pretty much blew my mind. I mean, it’s like such a new and different sound for the boys, but I love it so much. It seems like a new milestone for them and I couldn’t be any more proud.


So, the song starts up in what I would call the musical corner that’s full of guitars and dark, dark beats. In short, it sounds like a super rad rock song. And then it suddenly slows down and Tyler’s angelic voice starts up and shines a light on that cool and dark corner and everything mends into one amazing musical piece. The song then continues riding those dark and rocky and slow and melodic waves until Tyler, the small bean, finally gets to show us what he’s got and pretty much scream-sings the last few lyrical parts of the song. I have to say, I’m usually not a fan of the screamo genre, but in this case it just fits. I mean, c’mon, it’s Twenty One Pilots, of course there have to be one or two screams. Also, at about minute 1:55, there’s like this super cool beat part, so please listen to the song with your headphones, you just need to experience that, seriously.


But oh ho, that’s not everything this song has to offer, because like I said, both songs have such a complex story behind then, which shows even more when you watch the video. So, here’s what Jumpsuit is about in short:

With their last album Tyler and Joseph created the character named Blurryface, that, according to Ty, represents all the bad feelings and worries and insecurities someone has inside them, or which he has inside himself, to be exact. It represents the dark side, basically. And as we’ve just reached a new era, Tyler and Joseph went on to create a new character called Clancy, who lives or actually is kept in a city called Dema (= Tower of Silence). This city, which is surrounded by walls to trap the residents, is ruled by the nine Bishops. Clancy, who initially stands for this new, much lighter version of Tyler, tries to escape Dema. In the video he can be seen in a deserted land, walking around with a pretty uncertain look. Then a man in a red hood on a white horse starts going after him until Clancy/Tyler let’s him reach him. The man then places his hands on Clancy’s/Tyler’s neck and leaves black marks on it, which then start to fill up all his neck as he starts following the man who’s slowly riding away again, like in a trance. So, this means that the hooded guy actually is Blurryface, who captures Clancy/Tyler until suddenly people can be seen above, at the top of the surrounding cliffs, who then start throwing yellow flower petals over Clancy/Tyler and Blurryface. This initially helps him get away from Blurry, until he is sadly caught again at the end.


What’s important here is the colour yellow, something that runs like a continues yellow (ha ha) thread through the new concept of the band. And it’s so relevant, because the colour actually can’t be seen by the Bishops or Blurryface. So like it’s mentioned in the lyrics, the jumpsuit with the yellow tape on it and then the yellow petals cover Clancy/Tyler. So the people on the cliffs are the rebels who try to help the people that are kept in Dema and controlled by the Bishops and Blurryface. Also, just to mention, Josh and Tyler’s wife Jenna are actually two of them, which is so damn exciting. And last but not least, the video for “Jumpsuit” starts off right where the video for “Heavydirtysoul” ended and therefore marks the end of the Blurryface era and the beginning of the Trench era (that’s the title of their new, upcoming album, but I’ll get to that).



Nico and The Niners

This is the second released song by TOP and frankly, it sounds so different, you wouldn’t even think it was by the same band if it wasn’t for Tyler’s voice. But honestly, that’s the aspect I love the most about them – they never stick to a certain genre and they’re not afraid to try something new. As for this song, I’d say it’s much more pop-ish and actually features a phenomenal rap at the end. It’s so much fun to listen to and it’s so damn hard to decide which one is better. Something I’m not going to do, because it’s literally impossible.


When it comes to the meaning of the song, I would say that this one is about Clancy trying to escape Dema. The lyrics feature aspects like the Bishops not being able to see yellow and the jumpsuit taking Clancy higher (I think because of the walls). Also, Nico and the Niners stand for the nine Bishops that control Dema, so Nico is actually the name of one of them.



So, there you go guys, those are the two new songs by the one and only Twenty One Pilots. Honestly, I couldn’t be any happier right now, I’m so damn grateful to have my boys back. Oh and of course they wanted to come back with a bang, so they not only released two songs, but they also gave us the title for their new album, which is called Trench and will be out at the 5th of October. And if that wasn’t enough, they also released the tour dates for their upcoming Bandito tour and yes, I will be going to one of their shows, and yes, it probably will be London. And yes, I’m already more than hyped for the ticket sale that starts at the 17th. Pray that I get tickets, please. I need to see them. I mean, just listen to Jumpsuit and imagine experiencing that live. Holy moly.


And yes, you’ve now made it to the end of this post. I really, really hope that you enjoyed reading it and that you enjoyed their new music even more. I’m so damn happy that I get to share their amazing art with you guys. As always, I wish you a fantastic weekend and please don’t hesitate to leave your comments down below. And, of course, thanks for reading. x

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