Hola everyone.

As you all know I’ve just been in the shopping city in Italy, in Milan. And of course I went shopping (duh). So as I was thinking about my post for today, I thought why not integrate some fashion and shopping aspects in my blog and post some pictures of all the things I bought in Milan. Here we go.



I went to Milan hoping to find a new spring jacket, thinking about those new light trench coats that are trending right now. And to my luck, I found the perfect jacket. It’s a dark red-orange jacket from Bershka and I love it soon much, although it’s not a trench coat. I especially love the color, because it brings some life into my wardrobe, as I’m mostly wearing dark colors.


My mum and me also went to Brandy Melville, one of the coolest stores at the moment. And of course I found something. I got a grey alien t-shirt, that is, I think, almost typical for the brand, and a black light dress which is perfect for summer. I think one of the best aspect of the brand are the materials they use for their clothing. It’s so damn comfy.




Actually, I’m not sure what my relationship to accessories is. I love them and I buy them, but I only wear like 2 or 3 and those are always the same ones. But I still love them. I love wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings and so on. And looking at them. Feeling beautiful wearing them. It brings some kind of magic touch to every outfit. And of course I looked out for some cute little things in Milan and found them at the seriously last minute. They all have some kind of hippie-boho aspect to them, so they are perfect for summer and the festival season. Oh and if you’re interested, I got them at Pull and Bear, which is another amazing store I always enjoy going shopping to.



This and that

As I knew that Milan is such an important fashion metropolis and as I felt it as soon as I stepped out of the door, I thought of buying something that screams fashion. As we walked past a bookstore, I saw a Vogue book in the window and asked my mum for a little shopping spree in the store. The staff members told me that the store had it’s own department for fashion and I was starstruck. I rushed there immediately and quickly found the place with every fashion magazine you can think of. First I thought about buying the Vogue, but then I saw a cute little grey book with pink letters on it and I knew that this one was the book I had been looking for. It’s a little fashion dictionary by Christian Dior, so it describes every characteristic of fashion. But I think even looking at it makes you happy, it’s just too cute.


The other thing I bought is a journal wrapped in a fabric cover with a boho pattern. I saw it at the end of a Pull and Bear store next to the checkout and fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for cute and unique journals, although I  look at them more than I use them. But I know that they all once will be full of my writing and until then I enjoy looking at them as much as I can.


The last things I got – and always a must for me – are two little postcards, one from Milan, the other one from New York City. Whenever I visit a new city or country, I always buy a postcard with the name of the country on it for my wall in my room. So the wall is like a place where I pin all of my memories onto and it makes me very happy to look at it everyday and remember all the experiences I’ve made and all the places and people I’ve seen in my life.



So, there it is. My haul in Milan. And as you probably see on the pictures, my cat enjoyed taking the pictures and enjoying all of the new things too. She’s such a cutie. Oh and if any of you want to talk about shopping or anything else, I would be happy to talk to you. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post and, as always, thanks for reading. x

Posted by:Laura

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