Get wrecked

Hola everyone.

Today we’ve all come together to start this week off with another pot of new amazing music – which means that I get to introduce you to one of my favorite bands out there right now called The Wrecks (see what I did there with the title?).


Actually, I’ve mentioned this band before, always in combination with their favorite song of mine called Favorite Liar. Let’s be honest, it’s a complete banger and was in my top 5 of my most listened to songs of 2017, so that really means something. And after hearing that song over and over again, they have finally taken the big step and published some new music and I’m so living for it, no joke.


The funny thing is, when I listened to the first song of the new EP “Panic Vertigo”, I was actually so confused, because I didn’t recognize them at all. I mean, their lead singer Nick sounds like a completely different person now. Which isn’t like a bad thing, I was just plainly not used to that new kind of voice. But I have to say, I do really like it. For me it seems like they’ve moved from the punk-y sound to more of some kind of pop-y one, which also suits the new voice range. Of course the whole EP, completed with five new songs, is still a banger. Of course it is. Somehow they just know how to create those special types of sounds and beats and combine them together and then make these awesome songs that you just have to move at least your head to. It’s impossible not get move any part of your body, seriously.


Overall I think that the EP offers everything a The Wrecks fan can be looking for. Amazing guitar sounds, both slow and fast beats and of course Nicks great voice. For example, their songs “James Dean” and “Way With Words” sound completely different, although they are both indie-rock songs with a little punk sound. And that’s what makes it special. That every single title is a fantastic piece on its own.


This is also why it’s very, very hard for me to find the one song that I like the most. It’s nearly impossible. And I’m pretty sure all of them are that kind of songs where you find another favorite after listening to them again. But I think at the moment my favorite one has to be number 4, “Panic Vertigo”. But of course, all of the other songs are great too.



So, guys, I can just really recommend you taking a listen of this very special EP if you’re into that kind of music. I’m very happy that they new brought out some new music and I’m literally at the edge of my seat, waiting for them to tell us that they’re going on tour in Europe too. Because I demand a concert, I really do. But until then I’ll just listen to their music over and over again.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little post and I wish you all a great week and I hope you’re all doing good. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below, and, as always, thanks for reading. x


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