Hola 20s

Hola everyone.

Tomorrow’s a really special day. It’s my birthdaaaaay. My 20th birthday, to be exact.


And god am I excited. Actually I’m also a little bit afraid, because suddenly there will be a 2 instead a 1 and it kinda seems like the start of a whole new chapter of my life for me and I’m not sure if I’m actually ready for that. But I guess I don’t make the decision here.


I’m pretty sure that my 20s will be as great as my 10s (???), and yeah, they were reallyyyy amazing. I’m already looking forward to all the amazing adventures and experiences coming up. Actually, my parents and me are currently on our way to Milan to celebrate my birthday and get away from the cold and I’m reallyyyy excited (although this long drive is a pain in the ass, literally). We even took Molly with us. I already can’t wait to go shopping and to wander around in the city and take pictures whenever I can. I really can’t wait. And of course, I will post all the highlights of the trip next week and tell you all the amazing things about Milan.


But until then, as always, thanks for reading and I guess happy birthday to me. x

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