My favorite YouTubers

Hola everyone.

I probably already mentioned it a few posts ago, but why not talk about it again? So, I love YouTube. Who doesn’t? The first months when I got from home from university and didn’t have any movie to watch, I looked onto YouTube and searched for some good YouTubers to binge. And I found them.


Today I watch them pretty much every day, always depending on who just uploaded a new video. As you can probably guess by know, I want to dedicate this post to my favorite YouTubers, who have slowly become more than just people sitting in front of their cameras to me.


Joe Sugg aka ThatcherJoe

Joe was the first YouTuber I watched on a regular basis, because I fell in love with his videos from the first second on. I’m a huge fan of his editing style and how natural he seems in his videos. Every video is full of humor and funny stupidity and to be honest, it seems he’d do literally everything just to make his “sugglets” happy – as you can see in his Dare Sugg videos. Furthermore, I love how diverse he is, as he has his regular channel where he posts a video every sunday – the so-called SuggSunday – and a gaming channel and also a vlogging channel, while he still strongly denies that he’s a daily vlogger.

My most favorite videos from him are probably the collabs, in which he either films the videos with one of his friends or his sister Zoe and they are always the funniest ones. Just to mention it, Joe’s clique is for sure the coolest one, as aaaaaall of his friends are YouTubers and Conor – my Conor – is of of his best mates, so I probably don’t have to say that I’m more than jealous.

And last but not least, I think Joe has a great personality and would be the best boyfriend ever, as he calls himself a total gentleman. Oh, and he’s really hot, don’t even start arguing with me about that.

Joe’s channel:


Will Darbyshire aka WillDarbyshireFilm

To be honest, Will is someone really special. If I had to describe his channel and videos, I would probably say that they’re the oasis full of beauty and creativity of YouTube. He’s completely different from all the other YouTubers I watch, because his videos consist either of him talking about deep personal stuff or it’s a video only made of the breathtaking pictures he takes when he’s traveling the world.

Even though I’ve only known Will for one or two months now, I immediately put him to my faves, because his videos really trigger something special in me – hope, creativity and all of that stuff. And when it comes to photography, Will is my biggest inspiration and idol. His videos and pictures are pure art in my eyes and my goal is to get close to his talent. Oh and in my opinion, I think if someone ever wanted to create a male version of me, Will would probably be the result, so that’s pretty cool.

Will’s channel:


Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie

Last but not least, here’s my third fave, PewDiePie. Who would’ve guessed it? I don’t even know where to start. Probably at the aspect that I’m a fan of the biggest YouTuber on this pretty planet and I can’t really articulate why.

The first thing that’s a little bit weird, is that I’m not even a gamer myself. I just love watching Pewds acting like a complete dork in front of the camera while playing one of the strangest games ever. So yeah, I think the fact that he makes me laugh every second is the most prominent reason for watching his videos. Apart of that I love how personal he is and how he interacts with his “bros”. He talks directly to his fans, asks question and seriously waits in his videos so that everyone has time to answer it for themselves in front of the laptop. Oh and he flirts with them with his endless winks and I can just say, even though he’s got a girlfriend, it’s really cute. It really gives you the feeling that he’s not just some kind of internet star who’s completely unreachable and unattainable. I really appreciate that, truly.

All in all, Pewds is crazy dork who likes to play even more crazy games and who’s biggest goal is to make his bros happy and to keep them as close as possible. And even though it might seem stupid to spent hours watching him playing games, I wouldn’t want to miss it, as he really puts a smile on my face every time.

Felix’s channel:


So yeah, there they are. My three favorite YouTubers. Of course I watch more than those three, for example Jack Maynard, Caspar Lee, Markiplier, Zoella, Marcus Butler and of Conor, but he posts his covers on his channel, so I left him out in this category, he would have been on the first place if not.


If any of you also love YouTube as much as me and want to talk about some of your or my or our favorite YouTubers, I’m here and looking forward to hearing from you. And as always, thanks for reading. x