My life mottos

Hola everyone.

As you probably all know, I’m a dreamer and an really optimistic person. Which means that I’m always trying to be as happy as I can and to enjoy my life as much as I can.


Over the past years I’ve developed my own mottos or “rules” to live by in order to make sure that I won’t let anything put me down. Which brings me to the reason for having written this post. So, there you go. Here are some of my most important mottos in life:


Always be yourself 

If you have had the chance and moreover wanted to read some of my other posts, you will probably know that I’m of the opinion, that none should ever change, for nobody and nothing. When I was younger I always had the feeling that I had to change in order to be popular or to be liked or accepted by my classmates and friends. And of course, I wasn’t really happy about that. So when I grew older and got more confident, I just stopped trying to be like all the others and started being me, completely. And I loved it.

Today I’m more confident than probably ever in my life and I’ve grown a strong personality which I’m really really proud of. I like who I am and if anyone doesn’t, I don’t care because I won’t stop being myself. Ever. And this makes me very happy.


Live life to its fullest

This is pretty much the most important “rule”, seriously. I think it all started when me and my parents were on a holiday in Paris at Disneyland (I know, how cool is that?), but on the last day I got terribly sick so we just walked around in the park and tried all the small not-as-much-fun-as-the-big-ones rides and I can tell you, until this every day I still regret not going on another big rollercoaster. And I hate it so much.

I hate the feeling of regretting not having done something, it’s the worst, seriously. So, after Paris, I promised myself to never let that happen to me again. Whenever I have the chance to do something incredible that I really wish to do or that has been my dream for years, I just do it. I think it’s better to regret having done something than to regret not having done it, because you just earn a experience. And that’s exactly what matters.

Included in this “rule” is the thought that something bad can always happen, always. So it’s important to enjoy life every single day as much as possible. My mum has pretty much the same opinion, that’s probably the reason for all the adventures we go on together. Whenever she thinks about doing something, like a holiday or a festival or a concert or anything like that, she (most of the times) tells me that we (probably) only live once and that we can’t take money with us so why not just do it? (please note that this doesn’t mean spending all the money on something and then being poor, please don’t do that)

All in all I can just tell you that trying to experience as much as possible and to not missing an amazing chance for a great adventure has shaped me to be person I am today and has turned my life into the most unreal and biggest dream I could never think of or even imagine, actually.


Don’t stop dreaming

I love dreaming. And I love thinking about all the great things I want to do in my life and the goals I want to achieve. And yes, for some people some of my dreams and wishes and goals may sound a little bit unrealistic and simply impossible to realize. But honestly, I don’t care, not even one bit.

I always had the opinion that everything is possible if you just work hard enough for it and try your best and never stop believing. And until today, I haven’t been let down. Of course, sometimes things didn’t quite work out the way I wanted, but I still tried and in the end I was happy. And today I’m proud that I never listened to the people who gave me the feeling that I couldn’t do something or that I was a little bit crazy for even thinking about it. Because today I have a life which is a fantastic adventure every single day of my life while other people never risked something and never believed in them and their dreams and have a pretty boring and lame life, at least in my eyes.

The reason for this motto are probably my parents. They never told me that I couldn’t do something or that I was crazy for thinking about it or that something was impossible from the beginning. And I can’t thank them enough for doing that. For always telling me how proud they are of me. And for always supporting me in everything I did and do. If I ever get the chance to have children, I want raise my children the same way my parents did and be the same mum for them like me mum is for me today, because I will never stop being thankful and telling them and the world how happy they make me and how amazing my life is because of them.


So, I think that’s it so far. Those are the three most important mottos I live my life after and I couldn’t be happier, truly. I hope that all of you are as happy as I am and that my “rules” can maybe help you get even more happier. If any of you have the same opinions and mottos as me and want to talk, I’m here. And until the, as always, thanks for reading. x

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