Live Music is Back (kinda)

Hola everyone.

And welcome back to a new post and a new week. I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and a fantastic Monday and that your Tuesday is going well so far. I, for my part, had a great weekend, which is partly thanks to the topic of today’s post that we’ve all gathered together for today. I’m here to share something very very very special with you guys and something that has made me more emotional and happier than quite a lot of stuff that’s happened the past few months. And yes, we’re talking about music. Good old live music. But let me start right at the beginning.


Those of you who’ve been following my blog for quite a while now will probably already know this, but for those of you who are new to this blog (welcome. thanks for being here.), let me tell you a fact about me. I freaking love Amber Run. And no, I’m not talking about some cool movie or a crazy online game, I’m talking about one of the best and most underrated bands of this current time. And this in itself could still be understood as a massive understatement. That’s how good these guys are. Last year in October, I had the absolute pleasure of not only seeing this crazily talented trio live for the first time, but also getting to interview them before their show in London. And let me tell you, they weren’t just three of the kindest and most grounded people I’ve ever met, but the overall night was one I will definitely never forget. The only way I can possibly describe the experience of seeing them live is by comparing it to stepping into pure musical heaven – check out the full review here. I mean, Joe, their lead singer, could sing me the alphabet and I’d quite certainly call that the best song of the century. It’s a voice I wish I could crawl into and surround myself with like a blanket. That’s what it feels like – a warm, cuddly blanket. And don’t even get me started on the other two guys, Tom (their uber-fantastic bassist) and Henry (the beast on the piano). All three of them singing together and harmonizing the way they do is what true heaven must sound like, for sure.



Okay, so, that’s Amber Run. I love them. I think you got that. But let me get to the point why we are really here today. This talented indie group just gave me the chance to attend my first concert ever since the Corona hell broke loose – but in a different way you would probably expect. Actually, I was meant to see them live in May, but thanks to the pandemic it fell flat. And in order to reconnect to their fans, the guys decided to still put on their show, just a bit differently than they are usually used to. Because instead of a crowd, there were cameras in the room with them and instead of being there with them, I was sitting on my couch at home. Sounds weird, but that’s what concerts look in 2020. And still, it was a concert, and every time I closed my eyes, I imagined myself there at Omeara with them and the feeling that gave me is indescribable.


During all these weeks and months without being able to attend gigs and without live music, I’ve been feeling like a part of myself, a part of my soul, has been ripped off me, like I haven’t been complete anymore. Which figures, as gigs are literally my life. There isn’t a place on earth where I feel happier than when I’m standing in the middle of a crowd, music blaring through the speakers and one of my favourite bands smiling down at me from the stage. That’s my kind of heaven. The heaven I’ve been missing more than anything else ever since our world got hurled into utter chaos. So when I saw that Amber Run would be doing a real gig, at a real concert venue in London and streaming it live to everyone’s homes, I felt like I had got some part of that heaven back. Suddenly I was able to buy a real ticket for a real concert again, have something I could get excited for, something I could count down the days for.



In a weird sense and despite not really being able to attend the concert in a way I would nearly do anything for right now, the show gave me something back I had been missing for so long. The happiness I can only ever experience while listening to live music, while being at a live show. Obviously, the streamed show can’t really hold up against the show I got to attend in October, but it’s the closest to a live gig any band has brought me to the past few months and for that I’m eternally grateful. Naturally, that is also because of the guys’ phenomenal talent that only seems to grow and improve over time. My parents watched the show together with me and I think my mum fell just as much in love with them as I did while seeing them live for the first time. Thankfully, we both still have our tickets for their unplugged show in December, which I’m hoping won’t have to be rescheduled again, and I seriously cannot wait for this special evening to finally come around.


And I know you’re probably thinking that live-streamed gigs can never be the same as actual live gigs, and I couldn’t agree more, but that show on Sunday also made me rethink my opinion a little. Obviously, it wasn’t the same, but I haven’t felt the excitement of going to a concert in so long and that show gave me parts of that back. For example, when they suddenly started playing ‘The Weight’, which is easily one of their most heartfelt and beautiful songs and one I discovered and fell in love with after seeing them live, I nearly jumped off the couch and shouted OH MY GOD THEY’RE ACTUALLY PLAYING THAT SONG!!!!!????!?! And whether that moment happened at home while watching a stream or live at an actual gig, that kind of shock and happiness I felt right in that moment would have always been the same. Even more so when Joe suddenly started singing a new, yet to be released song titled ‘I Hope It’s Not Like This Forever’ (very fitting for the current time), which I’ve still got stuck in my head.


What that show made me feel even through a screen is proof for the fact that music always has and always will find a way through all the hardships that will come its and our way. It will always be stronger than that and will always reunite us. Always. And I’ll always be in love with it. And Amber Run. Simply for making me feel at home when I’ve felt lost for so long.


So yeah, and that’s that. Here’s a very loving and very excited review of my first concert after four long months. I will honestly be forever thankful for Amber Run putting up this show and letting me experience live music again. I hope you enjoyed reading all about my experience and if you check the guys out, which you really should, I hope you fall just as much in love with them as I did – you can follow them on twitter and Instagram or listen to them on Spotify or YouTube. Please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments down below. And until then I wish you all a great week and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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