thatlemonlife presents: LEMON – the magazine

Hola everyone.

How are all my lovely readers doing? Oh my god, it feels like I haven’t been on here and talked to you for ages. I’m so incredibly sorry for the long long silence. You can probably guess why I couldn’t find the time to really post anything… yes, you’re right, good old uni work, innit? But as of Tuesday last week, I am finally free again and also done with my second year at BIMM. Which still sounds so insane to me. I can’t believe I’m already done with my second year and only have one year left to go. Time just flew by, my god.


But actually, now that I’m finally back, uni stopping me from posting anything on here is more fun than anything, as it is also the reason for me coming back and for today’s post. Because as most of you have probably seen from the title of this post, I want to present you with something today that is probably one of the most special and most meaningful projects of mine that I ever got to share with you guys. And it’s all thanks to uni. Never thought I’d ever say that, but here we are. Thanks, BIMM. But let’s not spend more time talking around it, but let’s get right to it. I proudly present to you – my very first own music, arts and lifestyle magazine LEMON. Can you hear me screaming in excitement?


Okay, I know, this is super exciting, and, please believe me, I’m more than on the edge of my seat now that I finally get to share it with you. But first, let me tell you how we got here. As I already mentioned, this is all thanks to my university, which made me fall in love with design and specifically magazine design and now for my end project of our ‘Making Magazines’ course had me design and write a complete 16-pages magazine. I know you’re probably thinking what a crazy and difficult task, but out of all my courses, this was one was definitely the one that I enjoyed the most.


And actually, the whole idea for LEMON began right here, on this very blog. Because in a nutshell, the magazine is a paper version of this very blog – without the sometimes way too personal oversharing and babbling around. From the start, my goal was to translate the feel of this blog, its ambiance, its style, and its fun and passionated character to the magazine and create a paper that is just as sweet, creative, and interesting. Obviously, the look was also just as important and, for me as a perfectionist, also the part I worked on the most and hardest. I think in total I worked on it for about three months, which made it possible for me to create a magazine that I couldn’t be any more proud of. And I even got to include my obsession and love for Twenty One Pilots (I just had to, sorry not sorry). And yes, I’m probably prouder of that than I should be, but I got to put Brad Heaton, the ultimate photographic genius, into the spotlight and my favourite band at the same time and even put Ty on the cover, so I can only see this as the biggest achievement ever.


Overall, creating this mag has probably been one of the most fun things I’ve ever done and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you, so without further ado, here it is. My magazine LEMON. I hope you enjoy it. Or even love it.




Omg, this is just so exciting. I honestly hope you enjoy/enjoyed my magazine. As already mentioned, all the design was done by me and all the articles and pieces you can find on the pages were also written by myself. Unfortunately, Brad wasn’t available for an interview, so I had to use some quotes from past interviews and his reddit q&a for my feature on him, but I don’t think that lessened the quality of the piece in any way. His pictures with their magic and striking beauty are the highlights anyway.


Again, I truly hope you enjoy the mag just as much as I do. This is my first attempt at creating my own magazine and now that I can literally hold it in my hands, it feels like another path for me has opened itself up. It has definitely become a project for me that I want to come back to in the future. Maybe, one day, LEMON will be a real magazine one day and waiting for you to pick it up from the store. How crazy does that sound? Even just the thought makes my tummy fill with butterflies. But until then, here’s the very first version of this super special paper. I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts, so please don’t hesitate to leave them down below. And, of course, I hope you’re all doing great and feeling well and I wish you all the loveliest week. And as always, thanks for reading. x

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