About Ray

Hola everyone.

I know it’s late. Very late, to be honest. But I didn’t have any time to write today, it was horrible. And after work I had to go christmas presents shopping and then I had to make myself some food and now I’m here. Anyways, I just wanna apologize for being so late.


I know you all probably expect a post about my weekend with my mum, but I thought I’d postpone that to Friday and tell you about a certain part of our time. To be exact, the day we went to the cinema and watched one of the most special and beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. And as you can all see at the title, I’m talking about the masterpiece “About Ray”.


Let me first tell you what the movie is all about. About Ray is about a girl or boy, who feels like she’s / he’s born in the wrong body. Since she was just four years old, Ramona felt like something about her just didn’t feel right. Fast forward to Ray, now 16 years old and desperate to start the gender transition. But exactly that, his age, is the problem. It means that he needs his family to be okay with loosing their daughter/granddaughter. Not to mention that his grandma still thinks that Ray should just be gay.


I guess you guys can already sense the drama and all the emotions. And I can tell you, there A LOT of emotions. Beginning with Ray, who just wants a normal life, a normal family. Then his mother, who never thought that she would loose Ramona so fast. And Rays grandma Dodo and her girlfriend Honey, who even live all under one roof. Oh and let’s not forget his dad, who left when he was just a little baby and now has to sign one of the most important papers of Rays life.


If you’re asking yourself, yes, I cried. Many times. And I had to stop myself, for real. The movie gave me such an urge to fully cry, the loud, sobbing, heartbreaking type of cry. And I think mum did too.


Apart from the unique and amazing story, the movie is turned into something perfect by the fascinating camera work – it’s actually more like some kind of art, so damn amazing – and of course the breathtaking actors. Elle Fanning is so real in her role as Ray and Naomi Watts as the mother is just mind-blowing. Mum said that she could really feel how hard she tried to let her daughter go and welcome her son. It was kinda heartbreaking, to be honest. Because of both sides, Rays and his mums. Oh and probably too because I watched it with my mum and this movie is all about mothers and daughters/sons.


I asked my mum later on if she would accept it if I told her that I felt like I lived a lie and wanted to change my gender completely. She said yes. And I am thankful for that. Because it is for sure a hard thing to say, even if it’s just hypothetically.


All in all, the movie About Ray was everything I expected it to be and so much more. I loved every second of it, even when it broke my heart. I think that’s the kind of story and movie everyone should get to know and see. Because it’s such an important and recent topic. So guys, I can really just recommend this movie to all of you. If you have the chance, please go and watch it. Please. And if any of you have seen it, what do you think about it? Did you like it as much as me? Tell me. And until then, sorry again for being so late, I hope you still enjoyed this post and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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