Hola everyone.

Today is the day. I think I don’t really have to explain to you how much I love going to concerts, we have talked about that often enough. You could say I’m pretty much addicted, but hey, it could be worse, right? So, while being on my “blog-break” to focus on my exams, I actually had the chance of seeing two of my favorite bands live – Paramore and The 1975.


This was actually the first time for me to ever see Paramore live and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to finally experience their show. Because judging from the videos I watched of them playing live, it would be freaking amazing. And to be honest, it was even better than I expected. I was and still am totally blown away. Honestly, I usually never really listening to girl bands or bands with female singers, but Paramore always had a special place in my heart. And now that I could experience their magic live and hear Hayley’s voice, I’m even more in love with them and their music.


It’s unreal how good they are at playing their songs live. From the first second on built up this incredible dynamic, the whole crowd screamed their lungs out and jumped around like crazy. They started of with one of their newest songs called “Told You So” and then continued with a mix of old and new songs. And even though I pretty much only listen to their new stuff, I couldn’t help but freak out at every single song they played. I think my favorite part was when they played “Still Into You”. I love this song with every cell of my body and every single piece of my soul, so there was no holding me back when they started it. I don’t remember a to of other situations where I screamed and sang that loud and with such great passion. And I wasn’t the only one.


You know, that’s why I love concerts so much, especially rock concerts like this one or Fall Out Boy. The music is so loud, everyone is screaming and singing and jumping around and you can just let yourself fall completely and get lost in the moment. That’s when I can really be free.


And apart from that I loved when they brought fans on stage to play “Misery Business” with them. Before bringing them up Hayley told us that this time was going to be special as there was a fan out in the crowd who had written to them on Twitter and wished to play with them. Of course I was expecting just another guy to come on stage, but what happened next really surprised me. We started cheering and suddenly there was this guy called Viktor, rolling on stage in his wheelchair, with the biggest smile on my face. And then it all became real. Hayley went up to him and handed him the mic. He then proceeded to talk to the crowd and what he said brought real tears to my eyes. He said that this was the happiest moment of his life and this was the sign that anything is possible. God, it was so emotional. Then they brought another girl on stage and started playing the song again. And everyone was so happy, you could really feel it in the air. I am forever thankful for that moment and that night. I will never ever forget it. And I seriously cannot wait to see them again.



Yeah, the second concert, as already mentioned, was The 1975. And actually my 4th time seeing them. And I guess four times are a little bit too much, as I was a little bit disappointed. Maybe it was because they only played for one hour and a few minutes, maybe because I couldn’t feel any emotions coming up. I don’t really know. I just wasn’t feeling it. Even though I still love their music with all of my heart, especially their old songs. I just don’t love their new album, I guess that was one of the struggles of mine that evening. My friend who was at the concert with me said that she had the feeling that it seemed like the band wasn’t really happy to be here. I think that’s why I couldn’t sense any emotions.


So yeah, two concerts, one more than breathtakingly good, the other one a little bit disappointing. Of course I am still happy that I could experience both of them and I guess there can’t always be perfect concerts. That would be boring, wouldn’t it? But please don’t hesitate to leave your opinion down below.


Speaking of concerts, I forgot telling you one of the most amazing things ever. I can’t really remember if I told you about this last year, but I’ll tell you anyway. So, every year in October there is a EDM festival taking place in Amsterdam for a whole week. And last year, Martin had a show there too (pretty obvious as he actually lives there). I got to watch it live over a stream but while jumping around in front of my TV, I made it my mission to once experience this live. And guess what, I actually will this year. I know, how crazy, right? Lucky me I could tell one of my friends into wanting to come with me and experience this big, incredible party together. We bought our tickets two weeks ago, I know have it hanging on my door so I can always remind myself of what amazing things are coming up. God, I’m so excited.


Oh, and another thing. Tomorrow is the day. Ed’s tickets will be going on sale at exactly 11 o’clock and I’m already slightly freaking out. Please guys, please pray for me to be able to get tickets. Please. I need to see Ed. I really do. Oh, and if any of you will be trying their luck too tomorrow, good luck. I know we can do it. We just need a lot of hope and a good internet connection. And until then, I hope you enjoy this post and my little concert stories and I wish you all an amazing weekend. And, as always, thanks for reading. x

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