Welcome Back

Hola everyone.

I am baaaaaaaack. Whoop whoop. God, I can’t even begin tell you how much I missed being on here, writing stuff, telling you guys about life and other things and of course you guys in general. And soooo much happened, seriously. I know I told you that I’d tell you about the concerts I’ve been to the past days, but I have so much stuff to tell you so I thought I’d give you all a basic update before I go in deeper. So, let’s get right to it.


First of all, uni is finally over. Yesterday I had my last lessons and my parents and me moved out of my apartment, so here I am, home again. And right now sitting outside in my garden, enjoying the sun and listening to some 20s and 30s music while writing this. Life is good. But actually the last days at uni were pretty cool too. I had lessons we call a “Tutorium” here. You could say it’s a course were you are just in small groups of like 30 people and get to discuss and practice your work. And this one was about feminist views and overall women and it was really really interesting. Our tutor was super cool and she even had her teeny-tiny baby and her husband with her and guys, I can tell you, a baby makes everything so much better. It was so cute to see them together as a family. I think pretty much everyone of us fell completely in love with the small baby boy.


And as much as I can tell, I think the exams went pretty well too. I mean I still don’t really have the results, but I had a good feeling after walking out of them. But god, I was so relieved when they were finally over. It’s such a huge pain in the ass to have to study every single day for over a month and having this small creature jumping around in your head 24/7 telling you to go and study because otherwise you will fail and your life will turn a huge breakdown. Not to mention the pressure of having to get good grades, because if you don’t you will never be able to make it into your dream college and everything you have ever dreamed of will vanish before your very own eyes. Sounds pretty dramatic, doesn’t it? And now imagine having such thoughts swirl around in your head every day because you’re just a little bit masochistic and love pressuring yourself. Okay, I just noticed how crazy I must be sounding so I guess I’ll just stop right here.


Anyways, I think the exams went good and that everything turned out just the way I wanted it and now that uni is over I can finally look forward to this upcoming summer and to all of the things I have planned. I want to start working on my second book – I will tell you more about that in the next weeks, don’t worry – and I have the permission to transform our right now really boring looking office into a creative room full of color and amazing designs (my personal interior design mission), which I can’t wait to do. And of course I’m so looking forward to our planned vacations. In three weeks I think my parents and I will fly to Manchester and travel to Liverpool and Blackpool – actually my parents are flying there to go and watch a golf tournament, so I basically just told them that I would attach myself to them and then stroll around the city while they will be watching a ball roll into a hole (notice my excitement about golf). And in August mum and me will be traveling to Paris, one trip I’ve been looking forward to since we decided on flying there and seriously, I CAN’T WAIT. I have the slight feeling that I will overly fall in love with Paris and never want to leave it again. Sounds pretty much like me, doesn’t it? So yeah, happy days are coming.


What else happened? Oh yeah, as mentioned before, I went to two concerts – Paramore and The 1975 – which I will be telling you about on Friday. Just to give you a little foretaste, Paramore blew me away. Seriously. One of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. But more on Friday. Oh and Fall Out Boy brought out a new single called “Champion” which isn’t just completely amazing, but also basically helped me through all the study sessions and times when I just wanted to burn all of my books and laugh like a crazy evil woman while doing so. So, if you ever loose faith in yourself, I can just recommend that you give this one a listen, it really helps.



Musicwise, two of my favorite bands released their new albums – the german band Kraftklub and Imagine Dragons. Both albums are absolutely stunning and turned me into a much bigger fan than I was before, so props to them. I can’t wait to see them live. Oh and oh my god, Ed released the new tour dates for his stadium tour next year and guess what? He’s really coming here, to my city, to Vienna. Edward freaking Christopher freaking Sheeran, the musical love of my life, is seriously having a show here. The tickets are going on sale this Saturday and I’m already at the edge of my seat and also nerves. Please guys pray for me that I will get tickets. Because if I don’t I will certainly go and have a crazy sort of breakdown and nobody wants that, right?


Hmmmmmm, what else? I think that’s pretty much it. I guess. So, as you can see, quite a lot happened and I’m more than excited to be back. I really really missed you and this blog. It is true, you notice how much you love something/someone the time it’s away. And I really hope you are as happy as I am and that you enjoyed this post. Here’s to more. Oh and I hope you’re all doing well and I wish you an amazing week. And, as always, don’t hesitate to talk to me and thanks for reading. x

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