I did it

Hola everyone.

Okay, my mum did it. But hey, the outcome is the same. I seriously have tickets to see Ed. My Ed. Edward Christopher Sheeran. Basically the musical love of my life. And I still can’t believe it guys, oh my god.


First of all – have you got tickets too? If yes, oh my god, congrats. And if you don’t, go and check out the shows, some aren’t sold out yet. And there’s still the website twickets, you still have a chance of getting tickets there. Good luck.


And second, I’m currently listening to Divide and the tears are already streaming my down my face (actually Happier is playing at this exact moment and I’m more like ugly-crying). I seriously cannot tell you how happy I am that I’ll be seeing Ed. Even twice. How crazy is that? Holy moly. But first let’s talk about Saturday, the day. I woke up at like half past 10 to be ready for 11 o`clock when the tickets will be on sale. So, I was sitting there, in front of my laptop, on the edge of my nerves. I knew this one would be hard, really hard. And even harder because I knew that mum wouldn’t be able to buy tickets for me because she was on a gold tournament. So I was pretty much alone, apart from a friend, who was also trying to get tickets for us. And then it got 10:59 am and I got ready, refreshed the page and there it was, the crash. The whole site crashed. Of course I also tried to get tickets for other countries, just to make sure I’d really be able to see Ed. But those sites also crashed. Everything crashed. And I sat there, for more than a half hour. Nothing worked and I got more and more nervous with every second.


Then I tried to check for tickets in London. I always wanted to see Ed at Wembley, so this was a good plan B. And then I saw that Wembley was already sold out. And I got worried. Really worried. I had the feeling that other people were already grabbing tickets for Vienna and yeah, I can honestly say that I had a little breakdown. I was really scared. I mean, I could not not see Ed. That was no option. Never.


And then mum texted me and asked if I was able to get tickets. And I of course told her no. And suddenly she texted me and told me that she had tickets for us. And a minute later I got the confirmation email. And if I didn’t cry before that, I cried then. Oh my god, I was so relieved. I seriously still can’t believe it. And you know what’s the coolest part? My mum actually got tickets while playing golf. She told me she got the tickets, shot the ball and then proceeded to pay for them. And while she literally got us the best tickets while playing golf, I sat in front of my laptop, unable to do anything. Thank god the servers seemed to work from then on, so I tried to get tickets for my friend and at around 1 pm, I could finally shut my laptop.


And then I checked Stuart Camps twitter page. He’s Ed’s manager and pretty much the coolest and most amazing manager ever. He answered questions throughout the sale and still does, actually. And if you ever want to have news about Ed first hand, you just have to follow him. And as Ed’s shows sold out so fast, Stu started adding more and more shows. And I was so shocked. Like, speechless, really. Because before anything had happened Ed was said to play two shows at Wembley. He now plays four. FOUR. That’s about 360.000 people. Can you believe that? He sold out Wembley for four shows. An English guy with his guitar and a loop station. That’s crazy. And I’m so proud. Really.


And then it happened. Stu was tweeting again and then this came: “2nd Austria show going up soon”. And you can probably guess what happened then. I freaked out. Completely. A second show? In Vienna? A chance to see Ed two times? I thought I was dreaming. Imagining things. Crazy. But it was real. So I called and texted people, asking them if they would go to the second show with me. And at 3 pm, I had the tickets for two shows. And I’m still at the edge of bursting into tears every second because of it.


I’m so thankful. God. And you know what, my mum bought both tickets, for both shows. So I would never be sitting here, writing the things I’m writing, without her. And her ability of doing the impossible and getting tickets for the most-wanted-shows. She’s a superwoman. There’s no denying that now. So yeah, thank you to my mum. My hero.


So yeah, I am now seeing Ed in 393 days (yes, I installed a countdown) and I can’t wait. For real. Can time please hurry up? Please? Oh, and I can’t wait to get the tickets. I think that will be the moment I’ll finally realize it and then cry until I have no more happy-tears left. And before I forget it, I want to thank Ed’s management and whoever made those two shows possible. And of course Ed for making me so happy and being in this world, basically. I know it’s getting pretty cheesy now, so I’ll stop.


Anyways, guys, that is my story. But what’s yours? I really hope that you got tickets if you wanted them. And if you didn’t, I hope you will manage to get some. I actually saw that they are constantly adding shows, so just keep an eye on Stu’s twitter page, that’s my tip. And until that, I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all amazing week. And, as always, thanks for reading. x


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