A dream of a movie

Hola everyone.

So, like I said in my first post of today – Fashion Week Day 4 & 5 – this day is a little bit different. Because, and I guess you noticed it already, there are two posts happening today. And here comes the reason why.

Yesterday, after I had brought my parents back to the airport and gotten home, I made my way to the cinema. And yes, I know, I go to the cinema a lot, but it’s cinema season and there are just too many good movies out there that are just waiting for me to watch them. And yesterday La La Land was the chosen one.


To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect from the movie. I mean, seven Golden Globes nominations, all of the won, and now 14 (!!!) Oscar nominations. Before I was shocked about the amount, I mean, 14 nominations is unbelievable. But now, after watching the movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if they walk out of the award show with 14 Oscars, seriously. But mostly I was a little bit sceptic because usually I’m just not the musical type. And I thought the story was a little bit too weak to win so many awards. But now I understand.


So let’s get to the most important part – the movie itself. First of all a little description:

The movie is about Mia, an actress who tries her best to get into the big Hollywood scene, and Sebastian, a jazz pianist who has made himself the challenge to save jazz. After running into each other quite a lot and after a period of really not liking each other, they slowly notice that they are meant to be. But as nice as the whole romantic, living in Los Angeles part seems, there is always the aspect of trying. Trying to fulfill the dreams. Trying not to disappear in the city of stars. And trying to believe.


For me, the whole movie is about dreaming. And dreaming big. And believing in your dreams and trying your best to fulfill them. And maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love the movie so much. Because I’m a dreamer. And of course the whole movie is just pure magic. The sound editing is mind-blowing. The costume design and set design feel like one big colorful heaven and fit perfectly. The music is fantastic and so emotional, I had to cry and had goosebumps for like hundred times. As well as the singing and dancing (I never would have thought that Ryan and especially Emma are such talented singers and dancers). And of course, the two actors, Emma and Ryan, are freaking amazing. Personally I can’t imagine anybody else in their roles, nope. They just fit perfectly. And the roles are made for them. Also thinking that Ryan learned how to play the piano just for the movie. And seeing how amazing he’s now, that’s breathtaking.


Overall I think this movie is a true masterpiece. It’s funny, romantic, colorful, sparkling, tragic and so full of energy and love for music that it just becomes a movie that will go down in history. A movie people will watch with the same love in 20 years like they do now.


So, if any of you get the chance to watch it, please just do it. Even if you don’t like musicals. Or the story. Or just anything else about it. I don’t think there’s anyone out there in the world who doesn’t love the movie, honestly. So, please just give it a try and let it spread it’s magic. Oh and here’s the link to the trailer: link

And if any of you have already seen the movie, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with me, I’m really curious what you’re all thinking about it. And until then, I hope you liked this post (and the movie) and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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