Fashion Week – Day 4 & 5

Hola everyone.

Today will be a very productive day. Due to what happened yesterday – I went to the cinema – and the fact that I can easily put day 4 and 5 of Fashion Week in one post, I’m going to not only gift you with one post today but with two. Yey.


Sooo, here comes the first one. I spent the fourth day of Fashion Week doing another interview and then writing my article about my whole experience and of course the three labels I did the interviews with. The label I met on the third day was Karin Fraidenraij, another really cool brand that uses lama and alpaca wool to produce their clothes. The wool comes from Argentina, like the designer and owner Karin Fraidenraij, who I did the interview with.


I found it really fascinating to talk to her and hear how much she loves what she’s doing and how she fulfilled her dream of combining her argentine roots with the german lifestyle she’s living now. And apart from that her clothes are extremely cool, seriously.

Link to her website – link


And right after that I drove back to work and wrote my article. And on the next day I finished it with a small video and pictures and to be honest, I freaking loved it. I loved writing about something. And just about something I liked, something I focused on for a whole week, something that I could get deeper into. That’s why I want to write for magazines. Because you can concentrate on your story. Get deeper into it. Discover it. Embrace it. It follows your for a whole month until the magazine is printed. And I really like that. Because that way – I know that – I can really work with my writing skills and get the most out of them. So overall this whole week and the finished article reaffirmed me in my career choice. I know that this is the right thing for me. And I will never ever ever forget this week. Never.


So yeah, there you go. Post one of two, one missing. Honestly, I loved my week at Fashion Week. And I never thought that I’ll get this opportunity to attend it this quick, this early. I mean, of course I dreamed about attending it one that but that I’d be attending it this quick… I would have never thought this. So I can’t even tell you how grateful I am. Anyways, I really really hope you enjoyed this little things, let’s call it a series, as much as me. And if any of you want to chat, I’m here and the comment section is waiting just for you. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x


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