My current favorites

Hola everyone.

I know I’ve been quite lazy the past months when it comes to chatting with you about music, especially my current favorites. So I thought why not update my list a little and share a few amazing songs with you.


But actually I wouldn’t call these songs the songs of the month. Mainly because I’ve been listening to them a lot longer now and because this month has just started, so a music of the month lost wouldn’t make a lot of sense now, would it?


Anyways, due to me being in Berlin and having a lot of time for myself, I got to listen to music a lot. As loud as I wanted. Whenever I wanted. And after five tough months after Reading festival I let myself listen to the bands again who I saw live there. And one of them is Fall Out Boy (of course). And then the best thing ever happened – Edward Christopher freaking Sheeran finally came to life again and blessed us with two fantastic, amazing, perfect songs which I haven’t been able to get out of my head ever since. And then I stepped across a band I’ve always had stowed at the back of my head, right in the music section of my brain, and again discovered how amazing they are – I’m talking about You Me At Six. And of course I came across some more new songs, some old ones too, and they altogether create this amazing soundtrack of my current life. And here is the complete list. Enjoy.


  • Fall Out Boy – Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes (you know when FOB finished their set at Reading, I wrote down their entire setlist – and yes I could remember it all – except one song which I didn’t know; and then I heard this one and it all made sense, this was the last song I had been looking for and oh my god it’s beautiful) (link)

  • Martin Garrix aka Area21 – Spaceships (after googling for days I finally found the one song Martin always plays at his shows and I’ve always enjoyed so much; it’s even better in a crowd, live, open air in the summer) (link)

  • Imagine Dragons – Amsterdam (after seeing them live at Reading I actually complete forgot about them, despite the fact that their show was mind-blowing; and then I found this one song, this amazing indie song whose melody at the beginning gets me every time) (link)

  • Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You (guys, what can I say? He’s perfect, his songs are perfect and he certainly makes the world a better place and I love him; aaaand I’m not sure if you’ve read my last post and noticed the little note at the end but I seriously got tickets to see him live in Zürich and i’m so freaking excited I can’t even tell you how much) (COTH: link / SOY: link)

  • You Me At Six – Take On The World (I’ve had a listen at pretty much all of their albums now but their new one “Night People” is a masterpiece, I love how they slowed it all down a bit and stepped onto the indie road) (link – sorry, there’s only this live version available)

  • La La Land Original Motion Picture Score / Justin Hurwitz – Mia’s & Sebastian’s Theme (Late For The Date) (like I said in my review of the movie – link – the soundtrack of this masterpiece is breathtaking and this particular song follows you through the whole movie and it just hives me goosebumps every time I listen to it) (link)


So yeah, there you go. Those are my current favorites. I really hope you enjoyed this post and if any of you want to chat about music or anything else, you know I’m right here. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x

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