Sorryyyy (again)

Hola everyone.

I know it’s late. I know I haven’t posted anything today. And I know that you know that I won’t be posting anything in the next few hours. I know.


What I want to say is that I had a packed day today – and no, I’m not making any excuses – and usually I always prepare my posts but yesterday I just didn’t do anything (stupid me) and when I finally had time to write anything – which was like 10 minutes ago – it was just too late to post anything. I know, I’m making everything complicated by doing that but I just can’t post anything in the evening. I have my plan of posting at around 3 to 6 and I want to stick to that.


So I want to apologize for being such a lazy ass today and not posting anything. But I’ll make it up to you again and you can be excited for tomorrow because tomorrow is the day I’ll deliver you that post about the AMAZING weekend I had at Reading festival. I hope you’re not too disappointed in me, I’m really really sorry.


And thank you all for understanding – which I hope you do. You’re all amazing and I love writing this blog and getting in contact with all of you. And I hope you do too. Anyways, thank you so much and see you tomorrow. x

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