EDM heaven

Hola everyone.

I know, I’m late, I’m very sorry. Buuuut I have a good excuse which is also the topic of this post – I went to a festival yesterday (and yes, I got home late and felt like crap when I woke up at like 2 pm, but good and happy crap).


It’s called Lake Festival and is a festival for EDM music. But as you guys already know, my reason for going was one: having fun with my friend and two: seeing Martin Garrix again. Let’s be honest, Martin is literally the king of EDM, and at least for me, he’s the best and cutest DJ out there. And the aspect that he’s a superhot cutie is just another bonus. Actually I’ve known him for three years now and got the chance to see him close Sziget Festival last year. And I just fell for him completely and needed to see him again. I just had to. So this festival came just right.


I have to say, the festival on itself wasn’t like super duper amazing. It was pretty small, with only 3 stages. And of course I’m just comparing it to Sziget, which is like a complete other universe. But it was fun anyway, just really different. The only thing that I didn’t really like was the crowd. Especially with Martin, it didn’t really seem like they showed a lot of dedication. At least not as much as at Sziget. There wasn’t a real dynamic feeling. But let’s be honest, I didn’t care about that at all. Because I was there and Martin was there and I just had my little party with him. And he, as the cutie he is, still told us that the crowd was amazing and that he loved us (what a cutiiiiieeeee).


I only felt bad for my friend, because apparently, EDM isn’t the right thing for her and onto that, the people standing beside her where total douchebags and asocial pricks. I’m just glad that she just ignored them, which is always the right thing to do.


Anyway, Martin was amazing as always. I really liked that this set was completely different than the one at Sziget. And I mean, I wouldn’t have cared if it was the same, because I love everything he does. He just slays. And oh my god, he was so damn cute – I know, I say that a lot, but it’s just so damn true. And he played a lot of new songs, which are literally breathtaking. They’re more like rap, strong beat ones and I loooved. Actually, the last song he played is his new single which he released today and it was the highlight, seriously (it’s called “In The Name Of Love” – here’s the link: youtube.com). I mean, I started to cry. I was so overwhelmed. And he showed the heart sign and I did it too and I felt so free and alive and just appreciated the moment and lived it to it’s fullest and yeah. I’m just so happy. Really. What an amazing night.


Apart from Martin, the other DJ who performed were Oliver Heldens, Lost Frequencies, DVBBS (way to hard techno style for me, no thanks), Alan Walker, some guys I never heard of and didn’t really enjoy and R3hab. But to be honest, Martin just topped them altogether. As I said, he’s the king. And I’m really proud of that. Because he’s 20 and achieved all of that. He flies from city to city everyday. I mean, today he’s in Chicago, then in Las vegas and I bet that he has another show on Sunday. Someday he has three shows a day. And he still loves it so much, that he keeps a smile on his face for the whole time. And I love that. That he’s there for his fans, that he shows appreciation and that he loves what he’s doing. He really deserves all of that. And I’m happy that I can follow his path, even just as a quite observer and loving fan. I really am.


So yeah, that’s pretty much everything I have to say. The festival was amazing, martin was even more amazing and I can’t wait to see him again some time. Really. I hope that you enjoyed this post and if any of you want to chat about something, just hit me up, I’m here. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x

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