Let’s go shopping

Hola everyone.

Today we’re going to be talking about something that everybody likes (at least I hope so). That’s right, we’re talking about shopping. Good old shopping for clothing and other stuff, that we mostly don’t need but just have to buy it, because look at it. So, let’s go.


Forever 21

I literally LIVE in this shop. I think I’ve never loved a store this much. Seriously. I remember walking into it for the first time. I was on a school trip and just went in there for fun and I just KNEW from the very first second on. It was love at first sight. Today like 80% to 90% of my wardrobe are from F21. And I’m not planning on changing that. It just has everything. Basic clothing, some grungy things, some boho parts, the coolest jewelry ever and it plays the best god damn music. I just love it. And most of all their tshirts. Amazing.


Brandy Melville

I again discovered this one on a school trip in Madrid. I went for a lil shopping trip alone and came across this cool boho looking store and just had to get in there. A few months later it all blew up and got like really really big. I have to say, I’m a lil bit disappointed in what it became. Because all the girls who shop there are either 14 or so damn thin that it scares me. Like, girls please EAT. But besides that, their clothes are still freaking amazing. And I looooove the fabrics they use. Sometimes it can get a lil bit pricey, but if you find a good piece, it’s always worth it.



To be honest, usually I’m not such a huge fan of this shop. Mostly because those in my country are pretty lame. They suck, seriously. But whenever I’m travelling to another city, I just love their clothes. Like, it’s completely crazy. For example at my Copenhagen haul. I bought pretty much everything at H&M. And I know that I would have never found such cool things at home. So, H&M is cool, except at home.



That’s a shop I found through Zoella. I usually don’t shop online, because I want to try the clothes on and see how they fit me before I spend money on them. But all the things at Asos are so freaking pretty. I actually have like 15 different pieces in my list of saved items, the thing is that I’m never buying them (please don’t question this, I don’t even know myself). Maybe it’s the money or the waiting game as soon as you click buy, which drives me insane. But I’m sure that one day I’ll have the courage to click that button and until then I’ll just fall for their clothes more and more and more.


Urban Outfitters

What can I say about Urban? I’m not such a big fan of their clothing, but I could die for their homeware, oh my god. I literally love every piece they have and would buy it all if it wasn’t so expensive. Actually, I bought a mug in Copenhagen and I freaking love it. It’s amazing. And they just have this cool image, like you just think that Urban is cool, it doesn’t matter if you’ve ever been there, you just think that.



This is a store my mum actually loved before me, at a time when I was more into colorful, playful clothing. But today I actually really like it – thanks again to Zoe. Two months ago I think I bought a simple, basic striped v-neck shirt there and I love it so much. It’s basic, of course, but it still slays. Oh and a few weeks ago I bought a pair of black jeans. I always wanted jeans like the guys from 5sos – if you don’t know it, their legs are like super thin sticks stuck in superskinny black jeans and I’m really jealous. And I wanted the same jeans. So I went in there and found the perfect pair and they are actually so skinny that they look like I just sprayed black paint onto my legs and the bonus is that they are super comfy. It’s fantastic. And the make your legs and every outfit look bomb. I love it.


Dr. Martens

Let’s not talk around it. The shoes just slay and I’m in love with them. I bought a dark maroon colored pair in Washington last year and I’m melting away every time I look at them. There’s no way you cannot love their shoes.


Pretty much every homeware store on this planet

Oh my god, I love homeware. And decoration. And furniture. And and and. That’s the interior decorator side of me speaking right now. I think if I wasn’t so into journalism and fashion, I would surely want to earn money by decorating and furnishing the flats and houses of other people, because I freaking love it. Whenever I see a cute room or building I can always already image how I would turn it into the perfect apartment. And I could and actually do waste hours of hours in homeware and furniture shops, just strolling through the lanes, checking out what they have in store. Oh and yes, I decorated my room exactly the way I wanted it. I still remember my mum and me spending days in shops looking for the coolest furniture. And since then I’m spending my time decorating my room with pics, postcards and other cute pieces.


So, there you go. Those are my favorite clothing shops including furniture and decoration, which I just had to include. I hope you enjoyed it. Oh and if any of you are into the same shops as me or want to talk, I’d be happy to hear from you. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x

3 thoughts on “Let’s go shopping”

  1. I am so jealous of you with all these amazing shops. One of my favourite parts about traveling overseas is getting to visit these places in person instead of just on the websites

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey again 😉 yeah, I totally get what you mean. I usually google shops before I travel somewhere just so that I can already look forward to them.

      But don’t you have shops like H&M or Zara too? x


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