Girls talk (kinda?)

Hola everyone.

So, I guess today will be some kind of different topic and I’ll try to be 100 % honest with you because honestly, we’re all the same so.


You can probably imagine that I have no idea how it feels to be a boy, but I certainly know how it feels to be a girl growing up in this crazy world. And I can tell you, there are a lot of struggles.


Let’s start with my favorite topic (sarcasm), the week of hell. Or strawberry week or whatever you want to call it, because for me, as already mentioned, it’s the week of hell and I hate it. To death. Forever and always. Let’s be honest, why do girls have to go through that? It makes no sense at all. It hurts like hell. Makes you feel completely uncomfortable. For me, it makes you feel and look awful, at least from your perspective. And like for real, you’re bleeding!!??! If we cut our finger and bleed for like 20 seconds it’s huge, but when girls are on their period it’s no big deal at all. That’s so unfair. I mean, hell no, it’s not funny at all to have cramps like hell for 5 days or more. I would go without it anytime, seriously. I mean, I have to say that I’m currently at the beginning of my week of hell so I’m a little bit overemotional and complicated and I feel like crap and, for me, look like crap (my boss asked me if I’m sick), so yeah, it’s probably not the best time to complain about things, but I’m in the mood for it, so don’t judge.


So yeah, periods are shitty and pure nonsense. Next. The struggle of looking bomb every second of your life. And before any of you come at me, I know things are changing right now, thank god, but still. People think that girls and women have to be pretty. We just have to. And I don’t get it. Sometimes I want to dress up and look good, of course. But then I’m doing it for myself and not for anybody else. But sometimes I also don’t want to care about my looks AT ALL. Today it’s a lot easier for me to walk around without any makeup (at home) and in some chill out clothes. But when I was younger I always thought that I had to look good, all the time. I remember my mum asking me why I was wearing makeup at home. And I didn’t even know. I just felt weird without it. And today I don’t even want to put on makeup when I know that I’ll just be home the whole day. Because putting it on and off is just a huge pain in the ass, let’s be real.


But of course, there are always two sides. Sometimes girl want to be pretty, look pretty, feel pretty. For themselves. But sometimes they don’t. And that’s okay too, isn’t it? I think so. And I hate the pressure that comes from our society. And I HATE posts like “Go swimming at the first date to see the true face.” Like hell no, you don’t even deserve this date. You deserve nothing. Douche.


I know, this is already a pretty long post and I could rant on and on, but I don’t want this to be too much for you, so I’ll just cut down on the next few things. There are other things that kinda piss me off. The fact that there are still gender specific topics and jobs and expectations. Girls can be pretty AND intelligent. Girls can work as much as men and yes, they should earn the same amount of money (can somebody please fix that finally???). And girls can be into the same things as men. That doesn’t make them manly or something. We are girls. And we can wear whatever we want, do whatever we want and we should feel free to live free. As much as every other human should feel like.


So yeah, that’s my rant. Actually, I wanted this to be a funny post thingy, but I think it just turnt into some kind of feminism rant, which is pretty cool too. Please notice that any of the things that I just said can be switched for men too and also for the whole LGBT community. I think that we are all humans, we are all the same and we should all be equally valuable, no matter what we do, who we love, which body we have or where we live. We are all beautiful. Let’s embrace this beauty. Oh and can somebody please stop this girls having a period thing? Because I certainly didn’t sign up for this. Thanks.


I hope you enjoyed this post and if any of you want to talk about anything and everything, feel free to hit me up. And until then, thanks for reading. x

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