Flower power and taking a break

Hola everyone.

This post is part of super colorful and happy and woopiedoopie but it also contains a little bit of a downside. Okay, first the negative news to get over with it. I’m currently in my last month of this semester at college, which means that I have work to do 24/7. And it’s kind of a bit stressful for me right now and I’m not really sure where I should start first and I noticed that my blog just turns into one more task for me and it’s kind of just too much for me right now. I have the feeling that I really have to 100 % concentrate on my exams and college, so I decided to take a break for a month. And I know, believe me, it breaks my heart, but I just have to focus on college. That means I’ll be back exactly in one month again, hopefully with a great ending of the semester, good grades and a lot of exciting and thrilling stories and adventures to tell you all about and amazing pictures to share with you. And please believe me, I’m really sorry.


Okay, now that we are all sad, let’s lift the mood again, shall we? Last week I kind of walked around in my college city and it was such a beautiful day so I took my camera with me and took some pics. And they turned out totally wonderful, mostly because there are thousands and thousands of roses blooming everywhere right now. I actually felt like in some kind of fairy tale. So, here’s a little bit of fairy tale feeling for you.


I hope you enjoyed this post and the pictures and forgive me for taking a break and understand my situation. I already can’t wait to be back online. See you all in one month. Thanks for reading. x


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