I’m back

Hola everyone.

Helloooooooooo. I’m baaaaack. And this time I’m back to stay (at least I hope so). Oh my god, you can’t imagine how much I missed talking to you guys and just literally writing. It feels like I just got home again and slipped into my coziest blanket on the couch. I’m home. And I feel so relieved.


And yes, uni is over. FINALLY. I thought summer break would never come. Do you know how annoying and torturing it is, to scroll through Facebook and other social medias and just see how all the other people on this planet are enjoying their summer holidays and chilling their life and you’re just sitting in your dark room, hammering facts into your head you’ll probably forget two days after the exam. It’s horrible. Seriously. I was so frustrated, that I wanted to burn something down. Relax, I didn’t – or did I…?


What about the exams, you ask? To be honest, they were pretty amazing. I mean, I studied a lot, that’s like one of my characteristics. But the thing is, this time the topics were so much more interesting for me. The last semester, I literally just memorized everything so I could just remember it at the test and that was it. It just wasn’t interesting AT ALL. But this time it was different and I think that made a big difference. Anyway, I smashed the exams and am finally free, which feels like pure heaven.


There are so many things I want to tell you. All the things that happened and all the things that are going to happen. But I’ll keep most of it for the future (which means the next weeks) and just tell you the most important things.


Today I’m meeting up with friend to watch The Conjuring 2, which I know that you know that I’m hyper excited to finally see, I seriously can’t wait. Oh and to chat, because we both had exams the last month and didn’t have much time to talk so we have a lot of stories to tell each other, which is always super amazing.


Oh and today in two days I’ll be already walking down the streets of Copenhagen with my mum. And before you freak out, of course I’ll tell you everything about it and you guessed right, my camera will be with me, as always, and I’ll try show you the beauty of Copenhagen when I get back. Oh and we’re going to see Coldplay there and my mum is literally so damn excited for the concert, because she wanted to see the band for years and on Wednesday her dream will finally come true. Which I’m very very very happy for her, because usually I’m the one who’s drawing her to concert and the one who’s nearly fainting when the acts finally enter the stage and this time it’s the exact opposite. I can’t wait to see her get all fangirly and scream out the lyrics. It will be just wonderful. And besides, Coldplay are like a dream live so I can’t wait to see them too.


Ummm, I guess that’s it by now. I would have material to go on forever and I wish I could, but I think it’s best to split it up. Oh, just one more thing. As I’m such a good student (hehe), I got myself a gift right afterwards. And you know me, of course it had to be something that has something to do with live music. Actually, I bought festival tickets for a electro music festival and guess what? I’ll see Martin – yes, the Martin Garrix, the most amazing DJ – again. And I’m sooooo excited, I really can’t describe it. What a dream-come-true.


So yeah, here’s my update. I really can’t tell you how happy I am to be back again. I just noticed now how much I actually missed it. And you can be sure, I won’t leave for a looooong time (I hope that makes you as happy as me). Oh and if you have any stores or news for me, I’d be superhappy to hear them. And until then, as always, thanks for reading and welcoming me back. x

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