Hola everyone.

The wait is over. FINALLY. I hope some of you guys already know what I’m talking about looking at the title of this post, but I will tell you all anyway.


The new Captain America movie has finally been released and as the HUGE Marvel fan I am, I already went out to see it as soon as I could. And oh my god, let me tell you, that movie is literally so damn amazing, that I have no words.


First of all, I think I should explain my love for Marvel. It all started with Iron Man, that’s why I am and always will be Team Iron Man, forever and always. So, he is literally the reason I got into this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe thing and got pretty much obsessed with it. Completely. I have literally seen every single movie since Iron Man came out (except Ant-Man, but I will see that one in two weeks, so don’t judge). And I just fell in love with the movies more and more and more and more. I couldn’t get enough and I can’t either now. I think I never will.


Anyway, that’s the reason I was looking forward to seeing Captain America: Civil War since I got out of the cinema after watching The Avengers 2. And I can tell you, that’s a looooong time for a Marvel fangirl like me. So I just waited. And time passed and the release day came. And I went crazy. Completely.


I think I have never been THAT excited for a movie before. It was like I was waiting for a concert to start. I just wanted to get into that seat and start the movie. I think I also felt like this because of the story:

Soooo, the movie starts right after the incidents of The Avengers 2, with the whole Sokovia and Ultron thing. You can probably tell that a lot of people were killed or hurt in that battle and the government can’t let that happen another time. They want to monitor and in some way control our beloved heroes. And that’s when the team breaks apart. On the one side we have Captain America with his supporters, who state that they can’t just look away when something bad happens until the government allows them to do something about it. On the other side we have my fave Iron Man with his team, who understand what the government wants and also want to prevent any actions by the Avengers that could hurt any more people. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they can find a way to get together, so the epic battle begins and noone really knows who is going to win.


Seriously, how cool is that? When I first saw the trailer, I was speechless (oh, here’s the link if you haven’t seen it: youtube.com). Mostly because I was so scared for Tony. I don’t know what I would do if something happens to him. And of course, because of all of the new characters. Black Panther? Ant-Man? SPIDERMAN????? Epiiiiiiic (I know, I’m overly fangirling right now).


So, you can see why I was so excited. But let’s get to the most important part – the movie, of course. IT WAS BREATHTAKING. Like, it’s just a huge emotional rollercoaster. At one moment you seriously can’t handle all the epicness, at another one you feel tears streaming down your face, but then something funny happens and you just have to laugh and then it gets serious again and oh my god, it’s just so exciting and thrilling and amazing. Apart from all the amazing and exciting and supercool action sequences, there’s also a really emotional and totally unexpected story hidden that just makes the movie even better, but I won’t spoil anything, of course. But seriously, if any of you get the slightest chance to watch this movie, please do it, for your own sake. You won’t regret it, I swear (unless you don’t like superheroes or epic movies or haven’t seen any of the movies before, because then you will literally have no idea of what is going on).


I seriously can’t wait for all the other movies Marvel has planned and now that phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has started with this huge epic movie, I’m more than excited for what’s to come. If any of you are as much in love with Marvel as me, I would literally love to talk to you. And please, let me know which team you are – Team Cap or Team Iron Man? I’m really curious. And until then, I can just tell you to please go and watch that movie and hope that you enjoyed this post and getting to know my crazy nerdy fangirl side. And as always, thanks for reading. x    #TeamIronMan


Ps: I just bought this little Funko Pop Iron Man figure and I just can’t handle its cuteness. Look how cute. I can’t wait to receive it and put in on my desk.




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