Why I love Marvel so much

Hola everyone.

Marvel. Oh yes. I’m letting the geek out today. Yes I am. Embrace the geek I say.


So, Marvel. I don’t really know where to start, but today I’d like to discuss this very important topic with you guys and tell you why I love it so freaking much. I mean, I have already reviewed Marvel movies on here, but let’s start right at beginning, shall we? The very first contact I had with the MCU (= the Marvel Cinematic Universe) was when I turned on the TV and the first Iron Man movie was playing. And without knowing anything about it all, I just watched it and oh my god, I fell for it. Since then Marvel has wrapped me around its finger. No joke. And I think this was also on free TV, so there were already other Marvel movies out too. I mean, I wasn’t late, but also not the earliest. But since then I am, I can tell you.


That was also the moment I became #TeamIronMan. Yes, I am in that team. I have already had quite some discussions with #TeamCap members and no argument could ever change my mind. I just think that Tony Stark is literally the coolest guy ever. I mean, yes he was quite a douche in the first movie, but if you have seen every movie, you could really see his personality develop throughout the stories. Of course I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys, but just to warn you, there might be some spoilers. Like right now. I mean, in the last movie, Captain America: Civil War, he really shows his sensitive side. I know, I’ve told you all about that (here is the link), so I’ll not repeat myself all over again.


So, that’s the story about my favorite Marvel character. But apart from that, the MCU means just so much more to me. I mean, I don’t read the comics, so I’m not a pro when it comes to all the different stories and details you don’t get to see in the movies, but I don’t even mind at all. Because the MCU on its own is just a big freaking amazing universe that gets me every single time I watch one of its movies. I mean, Marvel movies are the kind of films that keep me on the edge of my seat through the whole time. I remember watching Captain America: Civil War and not only that I cried, but that towards the end my whole body was tensed and shaking. And I’m not joking right now, I was indeed really shaking. And no, I wasn’t cold. I mean, how freaky is that? I was so into the story and everything was just so exciting and thrilling that I couldn’t even calm myself down anymore.


But what I probably love about the movies the most is how they are all connected with each other in some special ways. That means, that if you want to watch a Marvel movie and Iron Man 3 is playing right now and you’re thinking like “well, I guess I’ll just watch this one” and you do that before having seen any of the movies before, you’re basically screwed. That’s how you know that those people next to you in the cinema are true fans, because you can’t watch one of the new movies without having seen the past ones. And that’s what makes it so exciting, because throughout every story there are so many references to other movies and other stories which you really only get if you have seen this particular movie and I think that’s so cool.


Oh and of course Marvel basically trains their fans. I mean, we don’t just have to watch all the movies to be up-to-date. No no no no. You also have to stay until the very last second of the movie, as there are always some post-credit scenes and sometimes those few seconds are one of the most important ones of the whole movie. Sometimes they tease an upcoming movie, sometimes they show what happens to another character and so on. And that’s so funny when you’re sitting in the cinema and the lights go on and after the big post-credit scene, which comes up a few seconds after the movie has ended, all the other people just leave and you’re left with about ten other people in the room, all desperately waiting for the end to see what’s Marvels next big thing or next secret to be revealed. I always say that that’s the moment you really see who’s a die hard Marvel or MCU fan and who isn’t.


And last but not least, the movies themselves are just freaking mind-blowing. Every single one of them. I mean, the stories are amazing, the actors are incredible, the characters are so damn cool, even the evil guys are awesome, all the details and the performances are so well done and it just looks so real. Like, Groot, from the Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s basically a tree and he looks so damn real. That’s crazy. And somehow they always perfect the mix of both thrilling action and funny humor. Because you get this totally serious scene, people are battling, some are dying and one of the heroes comes into the shot and is about to save everything and then he suddenly runs into something or falls off or something like that. And that just lightens up the whole moment and makes you laugh, but then you get back to the action and it’s just such an amazing rollercoaster of emotions. And onto that I just love that Stan Lee, the genius of a writer that wrote all the stories, has a part in every single movie. I’m always waiting for him to show up at some point. In the last Thor movie (spoilers ahead) he was the one who cut Thor’s hair and I mean, how funny is that? I just love it.


So guys, there you go. That’s my love for Marvel and the MCU in a nutshell. I really have to say that I’m truly a huge fan of this incredible cinematic universe. I’m looking forward to every single movie and I love the characters and I’m already so excited for all the upcoming movies and I just love that I get to experience them all. But what about you guys? Are you also as deep in love with Marvel as I am? And who’s your favorite hero? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below, I’m really curious. And until then I wish you all an amazing week and hope that you enjoyed this post. And, as always, thanks for reading. x

6 thoughts on “Why I love Marvel so much”

  1. “Oh and of course Marvel basically trains their fans. I mean, we don’t just have to watch all the movies to be up-to-date. No no no no. You also have to stay until the very last second of the movie, as there are always some post-credit scenes and sometimes those few seconds are one of the most important ones of the whole movie.” (This is so true!)

    I love the avengers team, its hard to choose a favorite and mistique from X-men! I mean all characters in X-men are really cool. I agree, Marvel has great inspiration that translates to its storyline from movies it produces and pretty cool characters.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. 🙂
      The funny and also weird thing is, I love Marvel with all my heart, but I’ve never been that interested in the X-Men movies. I really have the feeling that this should be changed immediately. Especially as there is a new X-Men movie coming called “New Mutants” and it has this horror movie vibe to it and I just need to watch it.

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      1. Yeah, I caught on to that horror movie vibe too when I was watching the trailer. I don’t like horror movies, but it would be interesting to see how it all plays out. (I hope it has a really good twist to it.)

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      2. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be an amazing movie, as Marvel has already proven with its other movies.


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