What uni taught me (so far)

Hola everyone.

As you all probably all know, I’m currently in my second semester of university – I study journalism and communication studies. I know, two semesters aren’t that much, but they’re enough to show me what the university life is like. And university already taught me some things. So I thought why not share this special lesson with you. Let’s go.


  • most of the teachers couldn’t care less about your attendance
  • you will have to study A LOT more
  • don’t start revising two days before the exam, bad idea, seriously
  • every exam will probably seem like finals
  • there are many nice people walking around on this beautiful planet
  • someday you just won’t feel like going to a lecture, that’s okay (still go most of the time though, please)
  • you will meet a lot of new, interesting people and become friends with some of them
  • this is the perfect time to LIVE
  • being late is better than not going at all
  • also, there a lot of really strange people walking around on this kinda weird planet
  • water and food are essential (for some, coffee too)
  • sleep is a precious good
  • anthropology students just love asking questions and discussing things
  • exam week means hell week
  • you’ll notice that there are actually man people out there who think the same way as you
  • sometimes the teachers lie about what is important and what isn’t
  • deadlines are serious, selfish, strict and just cold-hearted
  • the more semesters, the harder it gets
  • do your homework guys
  • appreciate the time, party, meet friends, stay as happy as you can and enjoy the ride


There it is. My lesson that university taught me so far. I have today, I always dreamed about going to college and imagined it being like in the american movies. But it’s not really like that, at least not here. But that’s okay, because I still love it and loved it from the first second on. At the beginning it was a little bit weird and hard, I was lonely, didn’t have friends, that I saw and talked to every day, but it got better. Today I look forward to the lectures, to seeing my friends, to visit my favorite café or go shopping between lectures, when I have time. You could say that I’ve finally settled and more than happy about that. I think this time is really important, it’s the phase between being a teenager and an adult, so perch for making as many experiences and fulfilling as many dreams as possible.  The time is now, we just have to use it.


I hope you enjoyed this post and if any of you go to university too and want to chat, I’m here. And until then, as always, thanks for reading. x

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