My traveling obsession

Hola everyone.

I’m in love with traveling. Okay, I’m completely obsessed with it. If I could, I would travel to another city every week, seriously. And thanks to my parents I can fulfill that obsession at some degree. And that degree stands for traveling to a different country at least 5 times a year. Really. And yeah, I know. I’m lucky. Really really REALLY lucky that I don’t even know how to thank my parents enough.


Sooo, as we travel so much every year, I thought why not do that one thing I totally love. Exactly, make a list. And of course I keep a list for all the countries I’ve been to, so why not just post this list here? Here we go.


  • USA (of course; New York is a must)
  • United Kingdom (if I could chose to live in a city, it would be London, seriously)
  • Ireland (I love Dublin, although the rain kind of ruined the school trip)
  • Germany (Berlin is seriously one of the hippest cities ever)
  • Switzerland (my mum and me stayed there for a few hours at the airport on our way to London; still enjoyed it though, the language is just too funny)
  • Thailand (I think the favorite place to travel to for my parents, especially my mum; although I’m not a fan of wellness holidays, I can’t deny that I love it)
  • Turkey (I can’t tell you how many times we’ve already been there… too many)
  • Spain (I love Barcelona, it’s like London, but only the warm, southern version)
  • Italy (you already know everything about Milan and Italian food is the best, so what can I say? I just love it)
  • Slovakia (one of those countries we travel to for a few days when we want to chill)
  • Egypt (it’s like Turkey)
  • Croatia (a really beautiful country and perfect for a chill-out weekend trip)
  • Slovenia (I think we drove there for a wedding, I’m not sure though)
  • Tunisia (it was one of the first holidays of my life, so I can’t really remember how it was; I’m sure it was beautiful)
  • Russia (again another short stay at the airport; still pretty cool)
  • Czech Republic (I’m not sure why we went there, seriously no idea, sorry)
  • Cyprus (a really cool country and the reason I found Conor because I got to watch MTV for the first time, so thanks Cyprus)
  • France (the country has Disneyland, there’s nothing else to say, it just wins)
  • United Arab Emirates (we’ve been to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai and I have to say that Dubai is slightly cooler because it has three big shopping malls and every single one has a Forever 21, so there’s no other end than Dubai winning)

So, as you can see, traveling is a huge aspect of my life and I couldn’t be happier about it. Seriously. I just love seeing other places, stepping out of the plane in a completely different country and meeting different people and cultures. It’s just so fascinating. And I’m glad that my parents have the same opinion as me. More than glad, actually.


Oh and if you want to know, this year my parents or me or all together are planning on traveling to England, Portugal and Copenhangen. And that’s just the plan until August, so noone really knows what will happen after that (probably another trip… or two…).


So yeah, that’s my (and my parents) traveling obsession. And I love it. Completely. If any of you travel as much as me or love it as much as me and want to talk about that or anything else, I’m here. And until then I hope you enjoyed this post and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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