Hola everyone.

I know, most of you won’t probably be surprised by what I’ll be saying right now. You guys know me. So, actually it’s late at night and I just got home from a concert. And looking at the title you all know which concert I’m talking about – Coldplayyyy. I just saw Coldplay again and it was freaking fantastic.


Actually I’m currently lying in bed in my flat and I just had the idea that I had enough time still to write down my just so happened concert experience. So I got cozy in my pajamas, lied down in bed and put Zoellas latest blog on to listen to while writing to you guys. She and Alfie just moved house and as far as I’ve seen until now, the new house is freaking mindblowing. Gosh, I’m so jealous. Goals, seriously.


But yes, this is not about Zalfie and their amazing new house. This is about Coldplay and their crazy concert tonight. As you know I’ve already had the chance to see them live in Copenhagen last year with my mum and we now renewed this experience together, nearly on the exact same date (three weeks apart I think). And I completely loved it. The strange thing is that I usually don’t even listen to Coldplay, only when I see them live or my mum plays their songs at home. But apart from that, never. But as soon as they got onstage tonight, I freaked out. They somehow have the power to turn me into the biggest fan ever, they just bring such an incredible dynamic.


And you can probably guess that I cried, of course I did. But it’s not even my fault, their songs are just so sad. But I didn’t cry because I was sad, but because I was just so emotional and happy. And I looked around and saw people in the audience screaming their lungs out, hugging their friends and loved ones and just enjoying the moment. And seeing how happy people were just made me so happy that the tears just started streaming down my cheeks. But when they played Fix You I was actually really sad, because it reminded me of the concert for the terrorist attack in Manchester when they played it too. And then it reminded me of the attack and it just hit me. I still can’t believe that really happened.


But apart from that I was all smiley faces. Really. I was so happy for my mum that she could see her favorite band again and I loved watching her enjoy herself and the moment. And I just loved the show, I really did. They really know how to put on a great show. We again got wristbands that lit up during the show and whoever had that idea, you’re a genius, seriously. And of course their musical talent is just amazing, especially Chris really knows how to make a concert even more special.


My favorite moment has to be when they played Paradise and Princess Of China. I don’t really know why but Princess Of China has always been my favorite song of them and when they played Paradise all the wristbands lit up again and the whole crowd transformed into a huge rainbow. That was pure magic.


So yeah, that was my night with Coldplay. My voice is still gone, I sound like I’m an old grandma that has been smoking ten packs of cigarettes every day of her life (actually I’ve never smoked in my life, there are only a few things I hate more than smoking), and my ears are still a little bit hurting, so I guess I really need those two next weeks to recover until I see Paramore at the end of June. Honestly guys, I can just recommend you that whenever you get the chance to see Coldplay live, please go. You won’t regret it. Never. Trust me. And until then I hope you liked my post. And that you’re all doing well. Oh and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. And, as always, thanks for reading. x

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