Oldschool music

Hola everyone.

This blog post is again dedicated to music, but this time it’s about special music. About special songs, that we probably all know to well. Either from our childhood, from movies we watched and just from pure life. Yep, it’s time to talk about the most epic old school songs (most of them are probably not even that old, but who cares). And again, here are some of my favorites:

  • Heroes – David Bowie (it always reminds me of the movie “Perks of being a wallflower”)
  • Fire – Kasabian (saw it live last year at the Sziget festival – the crowd went totally crazy)
  • Someday – The Strokes (it just makes me feel so happy and full of life)
  • Mr. Brightside – The Killers (to be honest, who doesn’t like that song?)
  • Wonderwall – Oasis (an anthem right there)
  • Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus (One Direction totally rocked that cover)
  • Where is my mind – Pixies (it just makes you feel supercool; a song perfect for an dramatic ending scene on a movie)
  • Uprising – Muse (basically the only song by music I actually listen to)
  • This love – Maroon 5 (the moment I first heard the song was the moment I fell in love with band)
  • Always where I need to be – The Kooks (a totally addicting song)
  • What Ever Happened – The Strokes (again a really amazing song by The Strokes)
  • Sweet Diposition – The Temper Trap (that’s literally the perfect song to listen to in the car at night)
  • September – Earth, Wind & Fire (the perfect song to get you into the party mode)
  • I Write Sins Not Tragedies – Panic! At The Disco (that band always ruled; my favorite   line is “Haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?”)
  • Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boy (one of the best alternative rock bands out there, ever single song is breathtakingly good)
  • The Funeral – Band of Horses (the first song lines I learned on my guitar; always reminds me of How I met your mother)

Sooo, I guess that’s it. Those are my favorite “old school” songs, although most of them weren’t even produced before 2005, but hey. They kinda gives me that special vintage feeling and brings me back to times when that kind of music played on the radio and I was a lot younger.

Hope you like the list and I would also love to hear about some of your favorites, I’m always open to new music. Thanks for reading. x

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