Copenhagen Haul

Hola everyone.

I know, I don’t have anything to explain, you already read the title. Welcome to another haul (yeeeeey). Actually, I’m pretty excited – probably even more than you guys – because I can talk some more about some of my favorite topics. Shopping, books and fashion.


I mean, I don’t really have to tell you that my mum and me went shopping in Copenhagen, that’s pretty obvious, lets be honest. The weeks before our trip I stopped myself every time I wanted to go shopping (do you even know how hard that is???). Because I knew I had to save all my shopping desires up for Copenhagen, which I gladly did. So I flew to Copenhagen with my plan of buying some pretty cool things, most important dungarees. Dungarees is a trend I tried to avoid or let’s say ignore, but you know me, I can’t ignore cool trends like that. Especially not if my beloved fashion YouTuber Zoella just absolutely nails wearing it. So, I had to get a pair of those. And apart from that I wanted to get an off the shoulder shirt because I simply love them and a cute tea cup from Urban Outfitters. So, that was my plan.


So, the first thing I bought was actually the book called “Beautiful Broken Things” by Sara Barnard, which I really wanted to buy, because it was on my book list. And I always have to stroll through book shops in the cities I travel to and finding the book was just another bonus.


On the third day my mum and me had our big shopping day. A good day, because I actually got everything I wanted to. Dungarees, off the shoulder tops and a cute cup. All of my clothes are from the H&M, a shop I usually don’t really go to because it’s pretty lame in my city. But surprisingly H&M stores are always so much better in other countries, it’s nearly unfair. And yes, I love everything I got and the dungarees just plainly slay. I love them.


Oh and I got my cup as planned at Urban Outfitters and I love it sooooo freaking much. I love the color and it looks so vintage and just awesome. Oh and it feels really nice too.


The last thing I got were two cactuses. It looks like cactuses are THE trend in Copenhagen or Denmark overall, so I just had to get some. I found them at a market close to our hotel and they looked so small and cute and tiny and beautiful and I wanted them. So I bought two and hoped that they would survive the flight, which they did, thank god. They actually are called my two little dwarfs and I absolutely love them.


So yeah, that’s everything I bought. I absolutely loved Copenhagen and I’m so happy that I went there with my mum and that I got all those beautiful things. I hope you love them as much as I do and enjoy my as always artsy pictures. If any of you went to Copenhagen or shopping or want to talk about anything else, I’m here. And until then. as always, thanks for reading. x


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    1. Hey 😊 thanks so much for your comment. And yeah, that’s so true. That’s why I’ve never been a fan of online shopping. I mean my wishlist at Asos is always full, but I usually end up having to send 4 of 5 pieces back. Trying them on first and then getting them home is so much better.

      Where do you usually go shopping? x

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