Hola everyone.

Guys, I have something really really really extremely exciting to tell you. I don’t know if I already told you, but I just got a new tattoo two weeks ago. In Paris. How unbelievably crazy is that? I’m still so amazed, holy moly.


I think I mentioned in one of my last posts before we went on our trip to Paris that I was actually looking for a tattoo artist in Paris and that I had found one and asked her for an appointment (Carin Silver from the studio Les Maux Bleus). Well, the day before we left, the studio answered my enquiry and told me that she was unfortunately fully booked, but that they would text me if they would get a free spot for me and my mum. Yeah right. Like anybody would ever cancel an appointment for a tattoo. Of course.


So without any hopes at all mum and me flew to Paris and spent some wonderful days there. Honestly, I had actually quite forgotten about the whole tattoo thing – I was already thinking about writing another tattoo artist from Budapest as an alternative – when one night, mum and I were standing in front of the eiffel tower at exactly eleven o’clock in the night and everything changed. You know, at night something magical happens to the tower. At full hours it starts to sparkle like a huge christmas tree. It’s so beautiful, I can’t even describe it. Anyways, we were standing there, admiring the view and after the five minutes full of magic, we both looked down on my phone and saw that it was blinking. Blinking usually means that someone sent me either a text or a mail. So I picked it up and saw that it was a mail. From Carin, the tattoo artist. Saying that she had found a free spot for both my mum and myself. At the perfect date and the perfect time. On Saturday before our flight. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just remember throwing my hand before my mouth in shock. I was speechless. I mean, I was excepting nothing and there it was, the perfect appointment.


The night before the appointment Carin mailed me again, showing me the design she had drawn for me. A beautiful, beautiful flower bouquet featuring the flowers I had chosen beforehand – a rose, forget me not flowers, a peach blossom and wildflowers. I looked at the design and I could have cried right there and then. It looked so mind-blowingly beautiful. And imagining this piece of art getting tattooed on my arm made me completely speechless.


So, on Saturday the time had finally come. Mum and I made our way to the studio and as soon as I stepped into the studio, I knew the whole thing was meant to be. First of all, the studio looked super cool. And to be greeted by the sound of tattoo machines… That was music to my ears. God, was I excited. My mum went first – she kind of “tuned up” her two rings on her arm with some beautiful, delicate flowers – and then it was finally my turn. I don’t know why, but I was so nervous. But in a good way, of course. As this was my third tattoo, I knew what was coming. I know many people say that they are afraid of the pain, but I think this kind of pain is different than to the, let’s say, usual one. Because you endure this pain but end up with having something beautiful afterwards. So the pain wasn’t a problem at all for me, although I have to say that this one hurt more than my two others.


I think the whole thing was finished in about half an hour or 45 minutes. As soon as I saw it, I was in love. I still look at my arm every few minutes and stare at it. It’s so goddamn beautiful. Thin, delicate, feminine and pretty much perfect. I love it. And I’m so so so happy that we actually got an appointment in Paris, with Carin. If you’re interested in her art, here’s the link to her Instagram. She’s specialized in fine line tattoos and flowers and so so so good at what she’s doing. No joke. I would be lying to myself if I said that I would have chosen someone else over her. I intentionally chose her for the tattoo, she’s the only artist I wanted to get this tattoo from. I still can’t believe that I seriously got the appointment.


Tomorrow the tattoo will be two weeks old and I’m still speechless due to the fact that I now have another piece of art on my arm. And yes, tattoos are true pieces of art. I love my both arms so much now, no joke. They are like my two canvases, waiting to be turned into art. So you could say that they are my project. And what a beautiful project they are. Now that the tattoo is halfway through to being fully healed and all the scabs are gone, I can finally fully see how it ended up and oh my god, it’s so perfect. Really. Guys, if any of you ever thought about getting a tattoo that is important to you, please go and get it. I mean, it’s your choice obviously, but if you have a nice idea and a meaning and a great artist, why not get it done? I’m the kind of ink-person, that gets a tattoo when it has a meaning, an important one. Because this way I have a lifelong guarantee that the tattoo will forever be important to me and that I will forever like it. And what else could you wish for? Oh and if you’re Paris and looking for a good artist, go and check out Carins site and ask her for an appointment. She’s a true talent, really.


Okay, I think I’ve talked enough about tattoos now. So, without further ado, here are the pictures of my new love, I hope you like them. Oh and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. I’m really curious about whether some of you guys have any tattoos or if you’re planning to get one and about what you think of tattoos overall. I’d be happy to hear from you. And until then, I wish you all an amazing weekend and hope that you enjoyed this post. And, as always, thanks for reading. x


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