How to survive exam week

Hola everyone.

Well well… Exam week is “finally” here and it’s also time for my first ever exams at university. You can probably imagine my excitement, that comes in good and bad ways. And although it’s only the start of my university-exam-career, I had time to understand how the week of hell works. So, here are some tips from me to you on how to survive exams:

  • Start soon enough, don’t wait until it’s too late and you get the stress of your life, and yeah, I know, noone likes to study
  • Eat and drink enough (it’s just exams and no reason to stop caring about yourself)
  • Don’t let anyone else stress you
  • Noone cares if you look tired, seriously, we are all tired
  • Your friends will understand if you don’t go to that one party
  • Don’t stress yourself too much, they’re just exams, you won’t die if you fail
  • Grades don’t matter that much (I know, because I had all straight As at my A-levels and noone cares until today)
  • Don’t stop doing what you love because of exams, that will just make you sad
  • Sleep is precious and you need it, don’t cut down on it
  • Your brain is your new best friend
  • Listening to music can help you to calm down (at least it does that for me)
  • Even if it’s stressful, you need to chill and rest a little
  • Procrastinating is bad for you, even if the fly on the wall is much more interesting than the book in front of you
  • Your social life is still important, don’t isolate yourself completely
  • Take breaks there and then
  • Just breath
  • You can do anything you want
  • You are strong enough

I hope this helps some of you surviving the week of hell. I know you can do it, just believe in yourself. Exams are just small hurdles on the exciting way called life. And we will all overcome them. So, good luck with your exams and thanks for reading. x

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