Let’s go on a hike

Hola everyone.

How are you all doing? I hope so far your Monday has been fantastic and that you had a great weekend. I for my part am doing amazing, especially now that the weather has been so nice the past days. I can’t really tell why, but it feels like summer just started a few days ago, although I’ve been at home for over a month now. But I don’t mind, not at all.


For today’s post, as I thought it’s Monday and we’re all probably in a chill mood, I’d start this week off with a nice, easy post about the hike I went on with my parents and Molly a few weeks ago, which was so so so nice. You guys know that I’m from the countryside, which is why I’ve always been drawn to the city. Big clouds of people. Busy streets. High buildings, scraping the sky. And new chances and adventures waiting around every corner. At last, that’s kind of also why I want to move to London. Not just because I love the city itself, but also because it’s a really cool city. It’s busy and crazy and beautiful.


But even though I may be a “country-girl-gone-city-girl”, I can’t help but completely fall in love with the countryside and the mountains and long hikes and clear skies when I go on trips like this one. And this hike specifically was an absolute dream come true that made me daydream about a life on the countryside, far off any real civilisation, where the only sounds you can hear are the bees buzzing and the cows walking around with their bells. I mean, that’s what I call peaceful. Obviously, I would go crazy after about a week, because I would simply be bored out of my mind, but that’s again just another reason why I love hiking trips like this one. They make me appreciate my country and where I come from. They make me love my home.


Thus, I’m so happy that I get to share these pictures I took during the hike with you. As always, I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do and please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments down below. And, of course, I wish you all a lovely week and thanks for reading. x


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