The night of songs and roses

Hola everyone.

And welcome back to another week. Happy Monday – and also Happy Easter, actually. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent most of it down at the beach here in Brighton as the weather has been so incredibly nice the past few days. I’m not doing to lie, I felt like I was on a holiday, lying there, in the sun, my lunch propped next to me. It’s crazy when you realize that you actually live in such a place. I feel incredibly grateful. Especially when I went for a walk in the evening, walking barefoot, feeling the sea water between my toes and the sun setting in front of me. Talk about feeling like you’re stuck in some movie scene. So, yeah, that was my weekend.


But let’s talk about today. Today I’d like to share a very very special evening of my life with all of you. One that I honestly never thought would happen and one that I will definitely never ever forget. The evening I met Tom Rosenthal and saw him live for the very first time. Still sounds absolutely crazy when I say it out loud, to be honest.


It all began last year when Tom suddenly announced the show in London. His very first show ever, like ever ever, to be exact. I couldn’t believe my eyes. But that happens when you listen to a guy who has two young daughters and an info on his official website saying that he’s not planning on going on tour because of them. So out of all the artists and bands I listen to, I wanted to see Tom live the most and was expecting to actually ever get to see him live the least. But there it suddenly was, the date of his first ever show, perfectly scheduled for me as I knew I’d be in Brighton/London around that time. And I mean, I don’t have to make a big story out of it, of course, I bought a ticket the second they were available. And of course, it was sold out within an hour. And of course, Tom had to add another two shows. And guess who’s in the middle of a full-on tour right now? Still can’t believe it, honestly.


For those of you who don’t know who Tom is, here’s why I love him so much in a nutshell: I adore his music with all my heart, listen to it 24/7, he has basically helped me through my whole Bachelor degree and has been my most listened artists for two consecutive years and counting. So, yes, I love him and his music a lot.


And on the 15th of March, it was finally time for me to make my way to London to see him. Obviously, I was very very nervous and uber-excited, but not just because of the concert. Before writing this post, I was debating on whether I should tell you this or not, but it’s just such an important moment in my life, I have to share it. I didn’t drive to London just to attend Tom’s show, I also went there to meet him beforehand and do an interview with him. There, I said it. Yes, guys, it really happened. I really had an interview with the one and only Tom Rosenthal and I still can’t wrap my head around it.  And I still feel incredibly honoured and grateful that he agreed to chat with me. I’m obviously not going to make a big story out of it, that’s not who I am. I just want to say that he was incredibly nice and absolutely lovely and I felt so welcome around him, so yeah. Definitely something I will never ever forget. Thanks so much, Tom, for everything. Also, as I did the interview for my uni magazine, I’ll try and post the link of the published article on here as soon as it’s out, so stay tuned for that.


So, after that incredibly unreal interview had happened, I went to get dinner in London and went straight back to the venue – which was a literal church (St. Pancras Old Church) and also the most beautiful place ever. Obviously, the room was already packed, which just proved my point that the world had only been waiting for Tom to finally come out of his shell and do a few shows. He told me that he actually doesn’t want to get big, but I don’t think there’s anything he can do about that. It will just happen, naturally. Because everybody loves him and his music. That’s just how it is. Which was also something you could actually feel in the room as soon as Tom and his lovely band came on stage and started to play. God, it was just such an incredible gig. Tom even sounds better live than on his studio versions, which didn’t surprise me at all. He’s just that talented. And he was so funny, holy moly. Cracking one joke after another. Even though it was his third ever show, he already had the whole stage presence thing nailed down. And I was standing there, watching him and taking it all in, soaking up the beauty of the moment. I think throughout those two hours, I didn’t stop smiling, even when I was crying and silent tears were rolling down my cheeks. Happy, emotional tears, of course. It was just such a beautiful gig, honestly. A small church, about 70 people, Tom’s incredible band and his angelic voice. Nothing can compare.


I remember that I went home, completely mesmerized by what had happened in the past few hours. And I still can’t fully believe that it all happened. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of gratitude and happiness and incredible luck I feel whenever I think about it. And I hope by reading this post, I could translate some of those feelings over to you as well. As I mentioned before, Tom is currently on tour, so I can just highly recommend attending his shows and experiencing this magic live – here’s a link to his website, where you can find his tour dates. And until then I hope you enjoyed this post. As always, please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments down below. And, of course, I wish you all an amazing week. Oh, and just as a short info – I won’t be posting anything until next Friday, as Leni will be visiting me here in Brighton this Thursday until next Monday. We’ll be watching Endgame on Friday and, honestly, if I could put into words how excited and also frightened we both are, I would, but I can’t. So yeah, I’ll see you next Friday, obviously with a whole post about Endgame. What else. And until then, thanks for reading, guys. x



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