Hola everyone.

And welcome to back to another week. I hope you’ve all had an amazing, relaxing and/or exciting weekend and that you’re doing good. As most of you, who have been following my blog, will know, I’ve recently been at home for a short break – hence the absence of posts – and have now been back in Brighton since last week. And as I just went through my camera roll of those three wonderful weeks I got to spend at home and loved the pictures I flicked through so much, I thought it would be nice to share those special moments with you guys.


Some pictures were taken with my camera, some with my phone. Some were taken during my birthday trip to a local chocolate factory (best day ever), some capture calm moments like lying on the couch with Peaches. Moments that I actually miss the most when I’m here in Brighton. It’s the normality, the ordinary I miss. Eating dinner with my parents. As said, lying on the couch with my baby Peaches. Playing cards with my parents. Going on a walk with Molly. It’s only when you can’t access these moments at any time you want, you start to cherish them the most. Because in the end, they are what matters the most. So, here they are. Moments that matter the most to me and moments that feel like home. I hope you enjoy them.



As always, I hope you’re all doing good and wish you a great week. Oh, and please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments down below. And, of course, thanks so much for reading. x

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