Love Stories

Hola everyone.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, hopefully with all of your loved ones. And as it’s officially the day of love, I thought I’d chat a little bit about my relationship with the one and only love.


You know, when I was younger, Valentine’s Day has always been some kind of event that I tried to ignore as much as possible, one where I tried to shield myself from social media and so on. I guess that’s what you have to do when this day has come and you’re single. But in the past few years I learned how to work with it, how to accept it. And you know, as much of a hopeless romantic I am, I’m a hundred percent convinced that the love that happens between two people in a romantic relationship isn’t the only kind of love that we can find on this beautiful planet.


Although I’ve never had the chance to throw all of my romantic feelings at someone, I know that I have loved in my life. Love has always been a huge part of and in my life. Whether it’s the love I feel for my family or my friends or my pets. It’s still true, unconditional love. Even if it’s the love for a musician or an artist or whatever. Even if it’s the dumbest kind of love, the one where you can be more than certain that nothing will ever, ever come of it. I’m just the kind of person who falls pretty easily. Which is fairly dangerous one the one hand, but turns my life into such an emotional, romantic adventure on the other hand. Sometimes I find myself watching someone on the subway on my way home or at university and for a split of a second I feel my heart do a little jump. And a few moments later they are gone and my bubble of the imaginary future bursts. Some people might call that tragic. Which it actually is, sometimes. But I think it also shows how romantic even the smallest, dullest moments in life can be. And I love this ability. I love that I am able to feel, able to be this sensitive.


I know that people who currently are in a relationship like to feel pity for those people who aren’t, which also includes me. I can’t even tell you how often people asked me how I could actually survive without having a boyfriend. How weird is that? I mean, since when is having a relationship essential for survival? I really, really hope that that’s a mindset that people overcome when growing older. That’s also a reason why I’m quite happy that I had the chance to really get to know myself in the past years. Because this way, having a relationship is an aspect that adds to my happiness and nothing that is essential for its existence.


I love love. I think it’s what brings the magic into our lives. I’m glad that I get to be so passionate. I love my parents. I love my family. I love my pets. I love my friends. I love artists like Ed or Martijn for how happy they make me, even though they have no idea that they have such a great impact in my life. I still love them. All of them. And I would never be ashamed to admit it, even though some people might call me weird or unrealistic or dreamy (which actually is a compliment in my opinion, being dreamy). I’m happy that I get to love. That I get to share it.


You know, love is what turns every moment into something special. It’s in the smiles couples share. It’s the small jump my stomach does whenever I look at my cat sleeping next to me, like right now. It’s the excitement that slowly bubbles up before meeting my best friends after not seeing each other for a while. And it’s the hug I give my mum when coming home from university. Love literally is everywhere around us and I really hope that you get to cherish it as much as I do.


Guys, I want you to know, whether you’re in a happy relationship right now or single or anything inbetween, you are loved, every single day, by people you might not even know it.  You all mean the world to so many people. I really hope that you are all happy and if days like today make you feel alone or anything, I’m here and happy to listen. Please know that. You are not alone. Being in a relationship is okay and being single is okay too. Being happy is what matters the most. I hope you get all the love you deserve. And that you are all having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. And, of course, that you enjoyed this post. Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments down below. And, as always, thanks for reading. x

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