San Cisco

Hola everyone.

You know, when spring has finally arrived and the sun is shining and we can leave the scarves at home, it’s time for a little change in music too.


And today I’d like to introduce you to a band I’ve now been a fan of for years. And it looks like they are ready for a change too and just brought out a new single. And I can tell you, this is the spring/summer song of the year – at least it is for me.


Honestly, I don’t even know how to describe this band to you. They are an indie band (of course they are) from Australia. But they’re not like the typical indie band. They use synthetizers and sometimes their songs can get really really funky, like they just jumped out of the 70s or 80s.


I got to know them in 2015 when my mum and me were planning our trip to Washington. And as always I was looking for a concert there, because we always try to visit a concert in our holidays. That has become some kind of tradition. And I mean, today it has kind of turned around. We don’t look for a concert when we are on a vacation. We find a concert months before and then plan our trips kind of around it. Crazy, I know.


So and when I was looking for concerts in Washington, I found this band called San Cisco and gave them a listen. And I looooved it. Unfortunately they had their concert on the exact day we left to fly home again, so yeah. What a pity.


But that didn’t stop me from being a fan of them. And so I continued to listen to their music and checking for new tours and so on. You maybe even know them, either because they usually get their spot on my music lists or because they are just freaking amazing and you eventually couldn’t get past them.


Their song “Awkward” is like the widest known one. If you’re thinking of an indie pop song, this song is what you’re probably picturing. It can’t get any more indie than this (here’s the link). Actually, the video is pretty weird too, so I’d really recommend you watching it. Oh and please let me hear your opinions, I’m really curious.


Another song and probably my favorite is “Fred Astaire”, which is really about this dance guy. I especially like this one because it’s more on the rock-ish side and hey, I’d never say no to a good indie song with a nice beat and guitar (here the link). It’s one of those songs who always put a smile on my face and get me in a superhappy mood.


But back to their new song – “Hey, did I do you wrong”. This one just came out last week and I really really love it. It starts of with an amazing guitar piece, which immediately throws me into a happy mood and thoughts of the sun and the beach and pure happiness. But actually the lyrics themselves aren’t even that positive, so here’s to sad songs that sound happy (yes, I’m looking at you Ed…). And if you check out the video for the song, it totally completes the thoughts of vacation and the beach as it shows exactly that (here’s the link for that one too).


So yeah, this is one of the songs I’ve been loving at the moment. The perfect song for the perfect weather. If any of you are into indie pop music, please don’t hesitate to give this band a go. And I’d really like to hear what you think about them if you do, of course. And until then, I hope you enjoyed this post and, as always, thanks for reading. x

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