The Space Between Us

Hola everyone.

So, two days ago I went to the cinema – what a surprise – and watched a movie I’ve been wanting to watch for literally two months or so. Or actually far longer, I’ve been planning on watching this one since I saw the trailer. And as you can probably guess from the title, I’m talking about the supercute movie called “The Space Between Us”.


Some of you may have seen it already, if so, please tell me what you think about it, your opinion. Because I noticed how the movie was criticized a lot on the internet and personally, I have to say that I did enjoy it really much. And I still do, actually. But for those of you who don’t know the movie, here’s a little description (and here’s the trailer: youtube):

The movie is about two teens – Gardner and Tulsa – who met on the internet. But there are more than just a few miles separating them as Gardner was born on Mars and hasn’t met more than 14 people in his life. After 16 years living on Mars and desperately wanting to see more, Gardner finally gets to travel to Earth. But after his explorations begin, scientists discover that his organs can’t withstand Earth’s atmosphere. But before they can tell him, Gardner runs away and looks for the only person he knows – Tulsa. And so a race against time to unravel the mysteries of how he came to be and where he belongs in the universe begins.


To be honest, I don’t like romantic movies from the minds of for example John Green and Nicolas Sparks. I actually hate them. Because they are always so unrealistic and most importantly make me want to be in a relationship so so so bad. And you know that the thing of not having a date or anything like that ever, since I’m here on this beautiful planet, really is a weak spot of mine and so watching movies like those just hurts, really bad.


But I actually really enjoyed this movie. I mean, I love Asa Butterfield, he’s an amazing actor. And to be honest, he looks freaking fine in that hipster outfit with his Ray Bans on in the movie. And Britt Robertson is amazing too. And to be honest they are supercute together (although I just googled them both and saw that she’s literally nearly 7 years older than him, so… holy moly).


And the movie itself was just really good. But I think this is a movie only true, hopeless romantics can fully enjoy and love. And I am the biggest romantic you’ll ever find, so it didn’t really surprise me that I enjoyed it. I think the whole life on Mars stuff is totally cool and that they both meet on the Internet is also just completely based on how it is today. What I especially enjoyed was the style of the movie. It’s very colorful and dreamy and full of crazy adventures and, oh my god, such good music. The ending might not be what everyone wished for, but it’s the realistic one and I liked that they didn’t end it in the most cheesiest way possible because I think that would have completely ruined it for me.


But Gardner himself is my definite highlight of the whole movie. The character is really well developed. He’s smart and witty and adventurous and curious and just so so so romantic and honest. He just says whatever he’s thinking. And while Tulsa is a little bit closed off, he goes up to her and tells her the most beautiful things ever in the motto “when you like someone, why not just tell them?”. And I loved that. Throughout the whole movie I just grinned at him, totally adoring him. He’s the type of guy I’d do anything for to meet, seriously.


So yeah, as you can see I really like – love – this movie. It broke my heart but also filled me with happiness and dreamy love. It made me want to be in love, while the tears were still rolling down my face on my way home. That kind of love – funny, honest, cheesy, romantic, true and full of light and innocence – that’s what I want, that’s what the movie made me want.


Again, if any of you have seen this movie, please tell me your opinion. And, as always, I really hope you enjoyed this little review. I can just recommend this movie to any of you out there. Because ultimately the movie isn’t just about romance, it’s about finding out who you are and where you belong (it’s so sad that this movie isn’t based on a book). You just need to let yourself sink into the story completely and I bet you you’ll walk out of the cinema with tears in your eyes and a smile on your lips. I promise. And until then I wish you all an amazing weekend and thanks for reading. x

Ps: What’s your favorite thing about earth?

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