Hola everyone.

Just to let you know, from now on, the 3rd of March is official Ed Sheeran Day for me. And I guess you all probably know why and what I’m talking about. Of course, his new album Divide.


What a masterpiece, am I right? I guess the most of you have already had a listen of the album as everyone is talking about it today. The hashtag #Divide was trending for hours on twitter. The album went to number 1 in more than 90 countries within the first few hours of being out there in the world. And to be honest, nothing of it surprises me. Because he deserves it. Ed deserves all of his fame, all the love he gets for his music and for the person he is. And he deserves so much more.


But now let’s get to the album. I think on the one side it shows the Ed we all know and love. Stripped back songs, only him and his guitar. But on the other side it also features songs like Galway Girl or Barcelona which to me show a completely new side of Ed. And honestly, as sadly as it sounds, I’m not quite sure if I like that side as much as the other one. Probably because I fell in love with Ed because of Multiply and his songs on there. And because of his show when I saw him live. That’s why I’m used to his slow songs without anything else than his voice and guitar sounds. But I guess I’ll get used to this side too and I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it within a few days, for sure.


Apart from that I think Ed knows exactly how to speak to his audience. The first song of the album, Eraser, feels like sitting on the couch with him and listening to him being honest about his life and the music industry and how he got where he is now and whether he’s happy or not. It’s that rap kind of song we all know from songs like You Need Me, I Don’t Need You or Take It Back. And I think we can all agree that he just totally nails it. But as he’s saying himself, he’s not a rapper, he’s a singer with a flow.


Then the second song follows and I can tell you, I completely lost it at this part. So I seriously could stay strong for one song, after that the tears just kept coming. Even more because of the later songs, but we’ll get there. I think the mix of the different genres is what makes this album so special and unique, especially when thinking that this is Eds new album, they guy we usually just know to be playing with a guitar and his loop pedal.


Due to my love for his slow songs, it probably won’t surprise you that my favorite songs from Divide are slow ones too. Although I’ve just listened to the whole album once – I just couldn’t stand having a heartbreak for a second time on one day – I think I can already say which songs I love the most:

  • Castle On The Hill – I loved this one from the first note on and probably will never get enough of it; also, did you listen to his voice, oh my god, the raspy parts
  • Dive – I think this is like the perfect song, I just love it, also because of the message, I think many of us can relate to it once in a while
  • Happier – this is the song when I really lost it, I could seriously feel my heart break in to million pieces; also, Ryan Tedder wrote it with Ed so it’s no surprise for me that this song leaves me crying on the floor
  • How Would You Feel – this will be playing at my wedding. And yes, I should probably focus more on finding the groom first before focusing on the music, but you know… music is important too. And this song (especially in the live version) is just so angelic and pure perfection, I’ve just fallen in love with it completely.
  • Supermarket Flowers – and that is the song when I knew that it was over for me, I completely cried my heart out, and all the pieces of my heart that I had collected between this song and Happier broke apart again and I haven’t really been able to put them together since then; also, I can’t even describe how sad it makes me to know that Ed lost his grandmother, I hope she’s happy wherever she is now
  • Save Myself – this is actually the last song on the deluxe version of the album and it finishes with the sentence “And before I can love someone else, I’ve got to love myself” and to be honest, I think that is like the most perfect ending of his album, pure perfection


So, yeah, this are pretty much my favorites of the album. I know, they are all sad. And yes, I cried through all of them, of course I did. But I think this album isn’t so special just because it’s Eds new album. It also means that he is finally back. Ready to take on the world and bless us with his angelic voice and music.


For me, the album makes me even more excited for his concert in two weeks. Thinking that I’ll finally see him again, after so many years. Hearing his voice live, singing his lyrics together with so many people who all share the same love for Ed and his music. I really just can’t wait.


If any of you have already listened to the album and want to chat, please don’t hesitate to comment something. And if you haven’t, stop everything you’re doing right now, go and open Youtube and check out his new songs. You won’t regret it, I swear. And until then I hope you all enjoyed this post and of course Eds new album. And as always, thanks for reading. x


Ps: I just finished season one of Westworld yesterday and oh my god, my mind is literally blown. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait a whole year for the next season. So so so good. Oh my god.

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